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  1. can i gate from trammel to felucca? for example from trammel location to felucca orchish camp? or from trammel location to felucca house? (into it i mean)
  2. in this shard is possible: trap dungeon chests gate into dungeon how many people play in this shard? i mean active players online murder stat loss work in this shard?
  3. how i can gate from trammel to felucca without moonstoones? how i can loot a blue dead character in trammel ? if i wait can loot the rest?
  4. left uo several years ago , have same questions: gate into the dugeon are allowed? gate from trammel to fellucca without moonstone or moongateare are allowed? is possible to trap dugeon chest? in trammel is possible to loot a blue dead character or need to wait it become skeleton? trapped chests on the ground works in trammel?
  5. i'm waiting to osi 1990 rules old school shard too, for the moment play old school shard impy2
  6. aold schoool 1997 rules classic shard, any1 know any shard except ipy2
  7. try old style classic shard 1998 year rules ipy2 , very populated like old osi server
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