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  1. Could you post a tutorial? I think i'm gonna download it and give it a shot.
  2. Can you set macros in it like you can in UOA? For example drink potions, and to get off of your pet and say all kill? Thanks.
  3. Wow. I just bought this ten minutes ago. Darnit. Lol. I'll be buying through this for now on... For anybody who can't use a creditcard, i'll sell you the upgrade code for 40M on the Great Lakes server. (If your gold isn't on the server ask a broker to trade you)
  4. Oh alright. You guys should let us pick our numbers.
  5. http://i36.tinypic.com/s47vo4.jpg Am I the only one who sees a basic math problem here? o_O The forumla for figuring it out should be: <?php $y_tickets = 500; $tickets = 1000; $chance = ($y_tickets / $tickets * 100); Echo $chance ?> That looks about right... not sure, haven't done PHP in ages, got that C# stuck in my head. Eitherway, the equation should your tickets, divided by the total sold, times 100.
  6. Well, now that I think about it, probably a year or two. When I quit playing UO I became addicted to Runescape and "Gunz", yeah, I know, kiddie games but considering I was 12 or 13, doesn't really matter. Then I quit playing those to persue programming, now I code in C# and ran out of projects of things to code, therefor I had a quite an abundant supply of free time. So, I decided to come back to UO and pay my subscription fee, then I see I get free play time until the 16th, so i'm going to take advantage of that offer. That's pretty much my life story.
  7. I'm already doing that. Anyways, not sure where it is located, or how long i've been gone.
  8. I know it would be on this server, and I dont got a runebook for some odd reason.
  9. Is there anyways to check if our accounts own a house, and if so where abouts it is located? I haven't played in ages, and I don't know if I gave it away or where it is. :/
  10. Alberta/West Coast [ Canada ] Anyways, I went through my characters and found my first character I leveled by myself. "Unknown" 120 Mage 120 Evalint 120 Necromancy 115 Spirit Speak 118 Meditation I decided to play this character. [Great Lakes]. Now i'm just waiting for a friend to get on and give me my stuff back. [My ornament, and the rest of my suit]
  11. Where is Catskills located? West coast or East coast?
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