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  1. How does it feel to have a successful auction running on Pacific?
  2. I'm so glad to know I could help you Establish the Auction before I left. We talked about it for so many years lol. Keep up the hard work and please keep in contact lol... I sent you a SMS to check on your teefers and you never responded.
  3. The addicting part of this game is what feared me the most. I am actually back in School full time in Indianapolis. I miss all my friends in RP Alliance and R3 the most. But I'm glad to see you are getting your schooling back on track man.
  4. That Aussie Horder...and it's YOUR House hun.
  5. Congratulations Benjamin! I am glad to see you got the position, you deserve it. Tons of Fun we've had, and akward manlove moments. Roland Thank You Again, I'd like to believe I recruited some damn good people while in R3. It is truly a wonderful mini-community inside RP Alliance. I wish you all the best! I will stay in touch like I promised, just very busy! :-D
  6. Popping in to say Hi to everyone! All Is well! And to be completely honest... I don't really miss UO all that much... I just miss all the people on Pacific i played with. I hope everyone is doing great! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3
  7. I don't see myself coming back, I have taken breaks before and only returned from being bored. While in Military there is quite a bit of down-time, and with being in school I had a lot of free-time. Now I am finally able to "start my life" not dictated by military and school lol... Upon finding a job I don't see much free time after work and personal relations, to spend in this game. Alot of different things factor into my decision. Timing is the most important thing, With college being over in a few days... (not to mention the direction UO is going where if you don't spend everyday online
  8. First, I wanna thank everyone for their best wishes, and for all the great times we had. I wanna thank RP Alliance, and I wanna think everyone in R3. I had a bit of a realization the other night on the amount of time and money spent in this game. I wasn't very satisfied with myself and with Graduation only a few days away. I figured if I started trying to Get all my stuff together to sell and part out, I'd eventually just give up and continue playing. I had no better candidate to receive all my accounts and belongings than Kahlan. She helped me start from scratch back in February and as al
  9. http://www.uoforums.com/members/kahlan.html
  10. Seek out Kahlan, she is our "Mother Confessor" for R3... RP Alliance is the Alliance we are part of. =)
  11. This is probably why they have a No Selling, Trading, or even Gifting Policy now of Accounts... I know this has happened alot, where someone sells and account for USD, then the seller just contacts EA and bam magically back in posession with the USD as well... People ask, Well why can't I GIFT an account to someone?! It's me giving it away! But the OP is a perfect example of this... it was gifted as an empty account, no harm done... Then 8 years of Establishing and building up the account... now it has Real Value, and it got taken right back by the original owner....
  12. Use Classic Client to set it up, and see if it still works in EC on the hotkeys
  13. I am on my laptop in class, no ICQ... But at home I'm sure I did.
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