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  1. or the scribe u can buy them from in tokuno town there i just bought one the other day if you ever need to get another one!
  2. it was pretty fin! i ran that on the shard i play now i think ALL the crafter pots and tailsmens are THE DUMBEST things the UO teaem has EVER gave us come on now time limit and use limit on things= wack!
  3. I can add the same with messaging me i have a guildie that is down right godly in making suits! i have never been to catskills so i don't know how the crafter is there ill take your word on it but the guy that is teaching me is the most amazing i have ever seen in UO! so he has to be another person to fit in the UO best crafter! the man even knows how much weight property everything has without looking at the gumps and what not and what everything takes and on top of that the whole reforgin thing he is a GOD in!
  4. no you can't do specials without tactics! so you don't really wanna put something on there you don't need like i wouldn't waste the points with poisoning have that on your alchemist and have that person make ur wep there is only something like a 10% better thing with poisoning and honestly u won't be able to poison with out tac so its a waste! u can go with adding GP on a kyrss and use tac and fencing for the ability there for infect and it will already jump to a lethal poison its one higher level than what you put on your wep and from what i have heard you don't want the highest poison on the
  5. and there is yet another post on this one but i shoud just sopy and paste what i wrote there lol but anyways... you want your parrying at 120 as well with 120 bush and parry and wearing NO shield you have something like 30% blocking things through either parry itself or evasion with bush and thats without having to use the skill evasion which i do quite a bit and highly recommend it! and if you go tht route you NEVER wanna hold a shield it drops blocking to something like 5% there is an bush/parry blocking reference on stratics!and i agree anatomy is useless waste of points you can have chiv
  6. ok DEF right on 120 smithing OR if you don't wanna waste the time i would buy or get legendary repair scrolls to do so and you have a better chance of repairing whatever but thats all there isn't a difference other than success on repair for the whole missing durability it just the time you have to try to repair it but either way will take a 1 off your durability! also i don't know what suit and IF it says replica you 99% say you can't do it but i would try having an imbuer to see if you can add self repair on the item of plus 5 is from what i think i was told the best to have its either that
  7. welcome aboard Borik i think you will be a fine addition to there team!!!
  8. VERY good job borik! i have to say my way for gaining up from 60 was fighting the ants and doing the bag of sending quest they poison you all the time so you are constantly healing and i set heal as a hotkey and know my timer on the top form uoassist to help me stay on it too!! also instead of the trap box u can also use newbie poison potions and or make an alchemist have some reg ones for you to do it that way as well!
  9. i do believe that frase was used for khaludun to get into the 2nd or 3rd level but i ave found in OSI you no longer need to use that!
  10. ok using a shield with bush and parrying skill drops ur evasion/parrying rate DRASTICALLY and if u urn with a wep type with the ability whirlwind u won't have a problem with leeching life and more effect u can imbue life leech on your wep at the same time! but using a shield with them skills in place u might not as well have parrying bc of the % of blocking you will actually do without it! there is a calculator i have messed with on stratics somewhere
  11. also IF your on chessy and wanna work as a team we have a small group called gsh some of them like the pvp thing but i am a pvmer with them and have been trying to catch them up on the new things in game i am very knowledgeable on a lot of things in UO and they are returning after a 10 year leave i play on chessy when my guildies go to sleep on my main shard so aroun 12 or 1 western time i am on and don't mind hunting with ppl
  12. your very welcome but other than that bro you did an awesome job!
  13. There is a way to get a circle without having spellweaving you can still get a focus 6 i do it all the time with ppl with no spellweaving at all yes it may not be the full entire time but it's still the same amount of power and lasts a decent amount of time! i vote no to the whole luna thing just bc back in the day ppl bank sat to talk to others and help them now most the bank sitters i ran into are pvp scouts to see whos online and then come and find you so i am one who says no to luna circle and no to the whole bank sitting thing hoping they find a way to get rid of that! also i agree with t
  14. i have a character i have started on chessy but i do have to say that 99% of the armor i see ppl wear is just plain pathetic, and i don't know how populated the shard is or even if that is the thing you 2 are looking for! welcome back to uo by the way! if you are interested in a dead shard with helpful friendly people send me a private message and i will tell you where to go and how you can get with the group i hang out with! i have played on and off for about 14 years or so and i have NEVER ran into such a friendly caring and kind group that helps not only the ppl in guild but the new ppl com
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