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  1. The winner of the #UO15 trivia contest is: Coral from the Atlantic Shard! I thank Ultima-Auctions for contributing 10 million GP to the prize kitty and opening the prize payment to multiple shards! Many of the fansite webmasters/admins were supportive of my #UO15 contest efforts and helped by providing updated contest links on their sites. I also received lots of support from my UO Twitter pals. Thanks to everyone for the support on my first major contest attempt I've posted some notes on the contest for those interested in my ramblings.
  2. 20 Million in UO Gold up for grabs! Thanks to Ultima-Auctions the prize payment can be made to the following shards: Atlantic, Baja, Catskills, Chesapeake, Drachenfels, Europa, Great Lakes, Lake Austin, Napa Valley, Oceania, Sonoma. This contest does not require an arcane knowledge of UO history so if you know any new players, please tell them about the contest. It's a great way for them to start building their fortune. If you have a Guild, this is a great way to get some gold for the petty cash fund so send the word to your guild mates to enter the contest and win for your Guild! REPRES
  3. The folks that complain always make more noise than the one's having fun. Let's face it... folks who enjoy the game are too busy playing it to hang out in forums and gripe about it. Having said that, there are times I've been disappointed, even "quit" a couple of times but you'll find that a lot of folks take the occasional game break. The fact they come back says something for the game. I think at this time, the developers are more involved in the game. There have been times where it seemed that everyone was asleep at the wheel. Over the last year or two there have been plenty of changes an
  4. Here's your chance to be famous! In the final chapter of my #UO15 trivia contest story, Changes in the Land I need some folks to gather in Heartwood (Atlantic) this evening (Friday) on or after 8pm ET. If you've been following the story you know Raven is trapped in a strange land and must battle a Dark Lord to gain access to the portal home to Britannia. The exit is a secret portal in the Heartwood (113.28W 42.28E). It is not possible for anyone to pass through the portal to assist Raven but there is a spell that will allow us to channel our magic to Raven. This may help him in the battle
  5. I would recommend visiting the UOHerald.com site and just scroll back over the patch notes. This won't catch you up on 7+ years of changes but you'll see things that will give you an idea of what is going on in the game now (cause they are fixing it with the patches). Also don't be afraid to explore with your mouse... a left click on your character would have revealed the insurance menu option as well as other items like Loyalty. If you have a decent machine you might want to take the Enhanced Client for a spin. The hotbars/macros take the place of a lot of the old add-on software. I'm on A
  6. I battle an Ancient Wyrm single-handedly in this marvelous video. [video=youtube_share;6FevLG7PJRY]http://youtu.be/6FevLG7PJRY #UO15
  7. ...you sleep and dream, but is it a dream... An image of a man in a crimson robe comes through a dark fog. His face is covered by a white beard, and the eyes are familiar. A smile you remember. Can it be Lord Raven of Minoc? A dream of an old friend. What happened to Raven? Your thoughts swirl and a jagged mountain comes into focus. A dark land, only made visible by explosive bursts of lightning. It is a horrific storm that consumes all light... where did Raven go? He was smiling before... but you can not see him and your ears are filled with thunder and the pounding of the rain. Lightn
  8. Hello Friends! I've moved the DMUO project to Phase II. Some folks had some great ideas on how the gallery should work. I've come to realize that my original vision for the project was fairly limited in scope and didn't offer many of the features that folks would like. Also, I might have fumbled a bit by setting up the test gallery on a temporary domain. Perhaps folks think that there is no long-term commitment to the project - quite the opposite. For a "wordier" explanation visit my blog. ravenofminoc.com Or, just go straight to the new gallery at ravenofminoc.net I'll be fleshing
  9. Funny that you mention the bunny... because it was one of those horrific creatures that caused my first death. It must have been the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog - no ordinary rabbit could have slain a valiant warrior as I! Actually it was my first day in Moonglow (pre-tram years) and within 5 mins of creating my first character I left town seeking adventure. Seeing a rabbit I attempted to kill it... and instead it was I that fell to it's mighty blows! (They do have quite a kick.) That was before Lord Raven, my first character was (eventually) a Ranger/Mage. Gold was hard to come by so I d
  10. Howdy folks, I've updated the blog with some exciting new info on the project, take a look: ravenofminoc.com
  11. Sure, they are self-contained stories with UO images... I don't see why not. @Rupert, you have to edit names from your pics? What are you folks doing on those boats!!!
  12. I chose Dropbox as one method to upload files since you can copy an entire folder as easy as moving files around a hard drive. Using that method, there is no option for adding comments for individual files. I am thinking that anyone who has hundreds of images to contribute will not want to upload and comment on files one at a time. That's why I chose a system that supports easy, bulk uploading. There are different image sharing systems, and maybe some folks care about having the ability to comment files and other's dont. I'm open to other suggestions for ways to transfer files with comments,
  13. It's my aim to make submitting images as easy as possible. I don't want or expect folks to spend hours sorting pics before sending them to me. I don't want to spend hours checking pics to make sure they are sorted correctly either. If I wanted that kind of system I'd have to define very strict submission guidelines for including notations for images, filenames, etc. It automatically adds so much overhead to the project that folks won't have time to mess with it, and I won't want to deal with it. I include an HTML readme file in the private Dropbox folder that states: "If you want to inclu
  14. That's not really the intention I'm working towards here. I can't guarantee that images will be grouped or sequenced in any particular order. I'll keep that concern in mind when I write the FAQ and make it clear that the vault is not going to be broken into albums, etc.
  15. From what I understand some young lad has plastered my picture all over the Internet! I guess that's the price of fame...
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