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  1. Wtb a luna house in the walls. Can pay a lot. Plz pm me if interested.
  2. Any PVE guilds recruiting or anyone just want to meet up and hunt stuff?
  3. Can tamers solo any bosses with greater dragon or cu sidhe? I seem to suck at everything else. =x
  4. Is sampire still useful? Op Post is kinda old. Don't want to drop 50mill into a suit for nothing. I tried one on test and died pretty fast to a poison ele in shame. lol.
  5. Not yet. I was planning on getting it this week when my trial thing runs out. Btw, does anyone have any tips on gaining healing skill? It seems like the slowest skill out of all the ones I want to use.
  6. I made a warrior with swords and lumberjacking. Using him to kill chickens for feathers and chopping trees. lol. For a template I am thinking like- 120 archery 100 bushido 100 tactics 100 healing 100 anatomy 100 resist 80 chivalry is that decent for pvm/pvp?
  7. Are you on Atlantic too? How do I find people in game?
  8. so i guess i should start with a warrior to kill harpies then make arrows for archer. sounds hard but ill give it a try. ty.
  9. hello. i am just starting on Atlantic and was wondering what would be a good template for a new poor player. I wanted to be archery but arrows seem quite expensive.
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