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  1. Long Live Yew, and Long Live WYU. Silver Dryad was a force of nature. The house still stands and I try to keep watching over it. At times you can find tours of the old school grounds by people like Dead Bob and a few others remembering the past.
  2. Hello,The Yew Town Council is going to run a week long 50/50 lottery. Starting Thursday at 8 eastern ( April 3rd) at the Empath Abbey bank, Governor Aulbrey and myself aswell any other Yew tagged members will be selling numbers for a 50/50 drawing. You will recieve a runebook with your numbers on it just for something to take home, and you will be asked to fill out a book and return it to us with your contact information on how you wished to be contacted if you win. Icq,Stratics name, email your preference. Each number will cost one million gold or 11 numbers for 10 million. Half of the total
  3. Thank you to all who showed up for the event and hope you had a good time. Will list off a few winners we had with the events that we did. Costume Contest= Little Bo Peep came in first, Second was an orc who was dressed as a human, Third was a guy dressed in Black and Orange GrimReaper Costume. We normaly had a judging panel but had problems and let the people vote by lining up in lines on who thier favorate was. Sorry for not remember the last names of the second and third, to much going on for me and I didn't write them down. Archery Contest = was close but winners are 1st Zane Xander,
  4. OctoberFest 27th 8pm by Town Of Yew This 2nd annual Octoberfest will be held on the 27th at 8pm eastern, in the Town of Yew.Throughout the event we encourage people to bring lists, 15th anniversary items or the bone containers to trade with others. You might be able to find or finish a set of one of your collections. EVENTS Costume Contest - come in costume at 8 eastern if you wish to enter the contest, There will be three judges who will vote on first, second, and third place winners. #2 Archery Contest- Who is the best shot of the year? Bows/Crossbows are permitted. No Hit Chance incre
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