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  1. After talking with Gem and her approving my application, Symrustar is Lake Austins official GM for the FCB guild. We have a open guild house located on Tokouno island, once i learn how to post pictures i will put some up. Runes will be made available via various vendor homes gracious stairs. If you are interested in joining the FCB on LA please yell in chat or icq 69763323. V/r Lord Belshazzar
  2. Yeah put some items in your stash and make a new character, the stash goes between your characters, plus i notice that if you are working up your blacksmith/artisan, that also stays on your account.. Anyone on your account can purchase extra slots also. They all share same cash as well from what i see.
  3. Can someone who played beta or has figured out two simple things to me, 1. Stash Tabs - LOVE IT for transfer to whole account. but what are the other two greyed out tabs for? 2. Chipped items. Has anyone figured out how to transmute them into larger ones? Or does that come later in act 2?
  4. Currently playing a Demon Hunter and a Witch Doctor. Like them both. I find though i like their early skillls a lot more then the level 20ish skills.
  5. Also if you kill a sheep, the wool wont stack with the wool of a sheep who is sheared alive. I remember that for some reason but trying to remember how long ago it was. Guess will have to go sheep shearing soon!
  6. I know this was started over on the other forums but figure lets try it out here? Diablo 3 Contact information. Gamertag - i assume this is all you need? Mine : Belshazzar#1160 Feel free to hit me up anytime. Character name Hennea - Witchdoctor.
  7. I havent touched one of these in a long time ( collected about 5 during great idoc ) and doesnt the pure bard come with magery? When did they add resist to it?
  8. It actually looks very well done up. I not going to pay 80 for it ( would be 160 for me and wifey ) but will wait a month for price to go down or a special, perhaps wal mart will have something also.
  9. That is all i can saw is wow, are you planning on doing all the maps up like this one? I think that would be completely awesome, i been trying to find a map to print out large and put up on wall ( kids play uo and are young and will help teach them things ) but its a great visual aid for me also. How or what programs are you using to make these drawings?
  10. LC Why dont you have someone purchase it for you in the US? Or is the codes not work or something for overseas players purchasing US games?
  11. You know that isnt a bad idea, i dont know if its allowed but i also have about 200k gold on wow server arathorn that i would want on LA or Chessie server. Perhaps one of the gold sellers might be interested?
  12. Baruk is correct about 1,2,3. Now some information - Moongates - you can get to bucs den via moongate or honestly any good shard rune library will have a rune to bucs den. If you own a home its a good suggestion to make yourself a small rune library and build up on it of places you visit alot. I can tell you from a thunter spot that bucs den gets used a lot for tmaps and i roughly have marked a good 25 or so spots there in the past 3 months where i have run across tmaps. Tactics - well at your level i assume you are very new to thunter, what is your template? If a lich is wacking on you wi
  13. Yeah it was very well done and explained the whole Norwegian camp I wish they would have done added the original thing on the dvd combo pack though.
  14. I must say that is a beautiful piece of work you are doing. Please keep it up cause i am looking to print it out big to hang up and use!!!
  15. Yeah i can confirm that - if you had a wow account about 4 or 5 months ago they sent you a email asking if you wanted to do a year of wow and get d3 for free when it was released plus get a chance to get into beta, had 2 friends at work do it, 1 got beta the other didnt. The beta player says the game is great and he was happy to do the deal for a year.
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