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  1. Looking to buy a luna house spot. Let me know what you have. Thanks and have a great day!
  2. Looking to buy a luna house. Let me know what you got.
  3. Im sorry but that suits is know where near being worth 80 mil.
  4. PM here with an offer, willing to x shard em. Thanks.
  5. I use beserkers breast plate on mine and the hit lower d glasses. Not sure if it works or not, it was bugged at one time. HLD and gargoyles. Not sure if it got fixed or not. but i use them anyway;
  6. I like the classic necro mage right now. I switch between nox mage and necro mage every couple months seems like.
  7. Drws

    Faction points

    yea, but i dont have the time to farm silver.
  8. Drws

    Faction points

    yea, a ton of silver. 60k for faction orny, 15k if you have rank. Thats alot of silver regardless. Gonna have to start checking my shard for silver farmers.
  9. lots of gargoyles in pvp
  10. i use them to tame baki's. They live long enough to let me tame baki's with out them aggro'ing on me.
  11. Nice bike. I just got a 2011 ninja zx6, lime green, about six weeks ago and love it! Matter of fact just yesterday I ordered a fender eliminator kit and some spools to go with my pit bull stand. Then after that I am going to get a akropovic full exhaust! Ill try to post up pics later.
  12. i train just about everything in my house.
  13. gm camping, gm herding, at the least!
  14. oh yea, definately. My sampire has a wep for each spawn type, a slayer for each boss. It really depends on what your going to do with this character to determine what the best wep would be.
  15. you can craft and imbue necklaces for gargoyles.
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