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  1. Raul did you ever play Age of Conan? I think im going to give that ago again when the expansion comes out in may.
  2. I hope everyone has a great day/night! Tempted to go trick and treating. Anyone doing anything intresting?
  3. Thursdays are much better for me anyway!
  4. I remember the bagball tourneys they were great fun. We should do another one.
  5. Greetings, I am proposing organising a weekly, or perhaps twice weekly sessions. These can be hunts, training sessions or patrols. Maybe all three in one evening. Please post below what days and times are best for you. Most evening after 8.30pm are fine for me, anytime on Sundays and after 6pm on Saturdays. Billy Corgan - Knights Templar
  6. Greetings, My name is Billy Corgan and I have been with the Knights Templar for around 8 years now. Throughout this time I have seen KT go through many changes, and I have taken quite a few extended breaks. In the past I held the office "Commander of the Knights" in which my main responsibility was to organise hunts, training sessions and patrols around various cities. Recently, Lord Gendin, has asked me to step back into this role, I gladly have accepted. My aim is to create activity within the order and establish bonds within the brotherhood so that we can learn to rely on one anoth
  7. I think I might have swine flu I keep breaking out in rashes...... Should be okay though as long as I use oinkment. (Sorry I couldnt help it)
  8. ...When you try and find the bindstone at home so you dont have to walk back from work.... ...When you expect to see gold rings above peoples heads.... ...you start killing all flies for deeds... ...you wonder if you get a new undying title when its your birthday..
  9. Doh! Just posted this is in general discussion didnt realise we had a news area. Really exciting stuff, especially item advancement, I like getting attached to my weapons and equipment.
  10. The first expansion to be released is going to be the Mines of Moria! Just read it on LOTRO - The Lord of the Rings Online MMORPG Web Comic, Community, Information, Guides One thing I am excited about is item advancement, where items level as you do. We can each have our own epic weapons! Lots of other good stuff on there for you to all read about it.
  11. Cool that looked fun, im looking forward to playing this Sunday
  12. Would be nice if we can go out on boats and fish as well.
  13. I tried to do it on my laptop with a trial account, laptop wasnt powerful enough, was quite good tho powerlevelling my dwarf through the newbie areas.
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