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  1. I use my bard and make the other guardians kill it ^^
  2. Oh thought it would be more eh guess that's life ^^ lol
  3. Ok iv'e been wondering about this ring for some time now and wanted to know what it is worth. Not cursed no - luck +10necromancy Mana Regeneration 1 DCI 10% Lmc 4% Lrc 20% Greater magic item
  4. I know What splinter it but what is splinterwinf ? and Garg Weapons to?
  5. As the title says i am selling my Umbra Guard Horse Icq me at 648478280 with price and please serious Offers. and by the way no Taming required to ride it as you see from the pic. Sold it already =(
  6. As you can Read from the title I am selling a Faction guard horse Very rare Don't see many anymore. I am selling it for 20mill price is negotiable. and by the way any one can ride it. here is a picture same color of a Dread mare or a night mare. Icq me at 648478280
  7. Hello i am just wondering what stone slith claw is worth i cant find it any were in luna or in the forums all i know is it is a Stygian Abyss Artifact also i am on atlantic .
  8. You still looking to buy a Bane Dragon?
  9. Might be i just remember back about the time when the old haven was around we would kill the guards and a friend of mine told us that you could steal the umbra guard horses ether way you are prob right it is a faction horse sorry about that been a few years sense i have played any ways what is a faction horse Worth Now days.?
  10. Hello i am new to the forums and am coming back to the game and have 3 Umbra Guard horses all i remember about them is that the only way to get one was to get a umbra guard to appear and have some one dismount him have a tamer have there pet attack the guard and have another tamer tame the horse. this was way back about the time Ultima Online: Samurai Empire was out i left the game about a year later and when i came back they fixed the bug.
  11. Usire

    Umbra Guard Horse

    Old umbra guard horse
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