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  1. A more formal announcement will be made soon, but Alexander Fraser's memorial will be taking place next Thursday (20th October) at 8pm UK time. Her family have requested that we remain IC where possible and they will be in attendance. I know there are many people that would like to come and pay their respects, both those currently playing and former members, those not playing - if you're unable to reactivate your account, can I suggest using a trial? Could we all make an effort to make as many people as possible aware of this event? I would hate for anyone to have wanted to come b
  2. It's hard to know what to say without echoing the sentiments of others. I was extremely fond of her and as we all know, the relationship between UOers is inexplicable. She was kind, considerdate and caring. A voice of reason and one of the most generous, warm and understanding people I've ever had the chance to speak with. She was very much respected throughout Grd, not only for her loyalty and commitment but her enthusiasm and her ability to engage us all. I wish her family all the best, my thoughts are with them at this time.
  3. Oh snap! Thanks Su-mi
  4. Hi Elise, We're actually starting one up in Yew at the moment. We currently have three people pitching in with different vendors and the store made ICly (with vendors). The hope is once we get enough people helping to run it, that we'd also have opening hours IC so it won't just be vendor run. (And we can use silver.) We're hoping to be able to serve all the different needs, from the obvious (weapons, regs, potions) to the things we're sadly lacking since Ulyss closed (furniture, deeds, special cloth, RP armour, full mage books without mods.) Anyone is welcome to join in and we'd love t
  5. Tanya


    I doubt 3 PR is going to worry anyone really, how ever you don't see them often amongst RPers because they are a grey area. It's opening up the doors to artefacts and modded items - 'this only has extra PR' or 'this just has...' Considering you can get the same effect by either dying (with the new dyes) or using bod cloth, which is pretty cheap, I just don't see the need nor the point and for the sake of argument would probably vote against them.
  6. Hear ye Hear ye! The Crypt Cup Bag Ball Challenge has been announced for the coming Monday, all are welcome to partake in the Venerable Sieger Rules bag ball challenge! 8PM Stonekeep, Yew Normal bag ball, all well and good, but no contact you say?! Where is the fun in that?! So same rules as normal bag ball, but with a bit of fisty cuffs as well! Equipment will be provided. All are welcome, other then filthy guardian spawn! And strictly no wytchery! Or it will turn into the Crypt Challenge cup with added Wytch Burning event! The more that come the better the competition! Will also
  7. Personally, I agree with most of what Vierna has said. I think the first 'drastic' change that needs to happen is people actually log in and stop whining on forums that no one is on. Even if you did get the consensus and everyone moved, it's not a miracle cure - we'll still be in the same old rut of the same people doing things and interacting unless people actually log in, and do it. It takes just one person to roleplay, 2 for response and reaction play and 3 for a scenario. The more we see of this the more people will be around generally making things easier for even larger scale inter
  8. You're right, activity breeds activity HOWEVER people don't go see who else is about now, being spread across the vast expanse of Britain isn't going to change that. It takes all of 2 seconds to recall (which almost every guild allow and do) which is must less time than running across Britain in the vain hope someone is on. If people don't care enough to check now it won't change just because they're 'nearer'. I don't see how it spreads any faster? It happens the same way where ever the event is. ICQ spams, GC spams and on all the forums. Moots work because they're temporary (look how man
  9. Off topic but going on from what Shali says, as much as I like the EMs and have enjoyed many of their events; in terms of us as a community they've really caused more harm then good. We very rarely have interguild activities any more and I do in part blame that on EM events, too many times events have been scheduled across guilds, from battles to markets to games nights and an EM event pops up the day before (or even the hour before!) and people drop out, which is fine for individuals and doesn't harm any guild but it does seriously damage the community. You can't predict who might show up any
  10. Please note - The Charity Slave Auction is Tonight - Thursday 14th April, rather than the date on the poster (Wed 13th) It was moved due to a clash with the EMs schedule. Hope to see you all there!
  11. It also appears that the moongate has been somehow disabled and cannot be used and guards are stationed both at the Moongate and Yew docks preventing travel.
  12. So only 4-5 people might get upset if it were banned?
  13. I'm not very 'up' with all this stuff but does it take mana to do, and if so how much? (And for curiousity how much mana does an average Greater Heal take?)
  14. Hi Tibeus, to give you a slightly less biased view of things.. There are many guilds out there at the moment, the activity of each tends to vary but I think 'Prime Time' for everyone is from 7/8pm onwards. Most guilds now accept any 'class' of player, for example Cove would accept an Orc as long as he doesn't expect to be in the Militia, Yew would accept an Elf if they don't expect to run for Mayor, Trinsic will accept a criminal or rogue, Vesper might even accept a goody-goody Queen lover so where you play is really up to you. The main active guilds I can think of (sorry if I leave any
  15. I think Yelena meant those sort of meetings are often organised over the ALL-GM board, not to have the meeting there. Depending on the size of the meeting in the past we've either met in-game and spoken OOCly, a mass ICQ conversation, mIRC or the old UO chat system (as you could see who was in it.) The problem mIRC has often had is that a lot of people struggle to use it, even with guides and people explaining to them step by step there is always at least one person unable to get on.
  16. I'm not sure what difference that would make, I think just about every one that plays a mage is at least GM.
  17. Once upon a time all Europa roleplaying guilds had their own websites which were a lot like you mentioned, but it just wasn't thought of as hugely necessary and eventually most of them became redundant - You can find almost all the information you need about a guild on these forums (that host 90% of our RP guilds forums) so it's all condensed and in one place. We do have a Wiki already that is great for information about present (and past) guilds: Europa - MoongatesWiki Also, things like: # Object or philosophy of the guild (what are they doing, what is their character?) # Guild relationsh
  18. And so he had observed the battle with a keen interest, watched as the ranks held against the innumerable hordes, as once friends turned foe and crashed upon the shields and swords of the few. He had watched with dismay as the hordes thinned, as the attacks lacked direction, lacked purpose, watched with frustration as the guardsmen crumbled under the sheer weight of numbers but no enveloping charge ever arrived. He supposed this would be considered a failure, so very many thralls lost forever but he felt no suggestion from the presence in his mind that there was dissatisfaction, maybe there wa
  19. Independent thought provoked suspicion. Ever paranoid was the presence in his mind. The presence he only felt. The presence he had never seen. Knew it existed, out there, somewhere, rising, expanding its influence every moment of every single day. Knew these instructions, these commands, these impulses were not his own, knew they came from somewhere. Knew he had been sent. Knew he had worth, a special tool, a device, a means to an end. Knew though that when all was said and done it would have no use for anyone, any tools, any things. Had felt the presence in his mind. Knew the presence would d
  20. Originally posted by Killian Besieger Lieutenant - The Guardsmen Militia ---- Treding through the snow on a lonely night patrol Killian mulled over Aspen's report. "The tavern owner may want to call in a mason," she said, "because one of the walls got a littled battered." The image of Gerrick's gray head being rammed into stone brought a wry smile upon Killian's twisted face. Somebody would have to suffer for Killian's old failures and Gerrick was the only one still alive.
  21. Originally posted by Aspen Cox Footman - The Guardsmen Militia
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