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  1. Isnt Poisoning good for PVP? Drop Deadly PSN on Weapon and hit the guy in the face? That's like a huge advantage unless he can cure.
  2. True. This would be my template reviewed: Fencing: 120 Tactics: 120 Anatomy: 100 Parrying: 100 Healing: 80 Poisoning: 90 Resist Spell: 90 My Question Now: Q1. Resist Spell really need 120? Q2. Can I Lower Healing to 60 or it will be too low? Q3. Should i lower Anatomy (Attack) or Parrying (Defense) to 90? (to get 120 Resist Spell) Thanks,
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the world of PVP and i was woundering if my template was good. What you guys think or suggest to improve! Fencing: 120 Anatomy: 120 Tactis: 120 Parrying: 120 Healing: 85 Poisoning: 90 Left 45 PTS. I was thinking Mysticism or LumberJack Myst: Give me Enchant on Weapon + Healing Stone Lumber: Increase DMG. What you think!
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