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  1. I know you can buy transfer tokens on mmo.source for $12.99, which is about 1/2 the price of what you would have to pay for them through origin's game codes store.
  2. I changed the template back to default, and that restored the chatbox. While I was trying to figure out why I couldnt find my chatbox, I signed up with the same email and new username. I didnt realize I could only have one username per email. I would like to have 2 usernames, but if I can't, could you please change my username back to 'Kyrstyn'? Will I also have to resubscribe to all my threads and social groups? They were available under Kyrstyn. Thanks, Zacharia/Kyrstyn
  3. The only option I have on my forum page is 'Chatbox Full', when I select this it sends me to a page full of different emoticons. Please help me get my chatbox back? I have gone through and reedited my options, and there is no selection for chatbox, and there is no '+' for chatbox either. Thanks Z.
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