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  1. I will look for him in game then. When I am in game I have been going on short hunting expeditions trying to get a feel for my different toons. I've been working with my Tamer trying to figure out how to effectively tame monsters(Greater imps at this point) without them attacking. I am using peacemaking but it doesn't last long enough for me to finish the taming process. Also been getting a feel for my Necromancer. I'm always concerned that one of my raised undead critters is going to kill a wandering healer and get me flagged as a criminal. I don't completely understand how necromancer activities effect the necromancers standing with city guards etc.
  2. I've been inactive for several months and thought I would come here and try to catch up with my guild mates and alliance members. Been playing a UO a bit more lately and was wondering what everyone is doing in game these days. Ive been interested in trying out the high seas pirate bounty hunter quests and wanted to know how tough they are for someone with zero experience on the high seas. Anyway, hope people are doing well. Roland (R3 Pacific)
  3. Unfortunately I know exactly whay you are going through. Years ago I have one of my wisdom teeth absese on me to the point that the dentist just shot me up with novacaine and literally pulled it out on the spot. Then about 4 years ago I had two teeth side by side behind my right upper canine go bad at the same time and I thought I was going to die. Front of my face finally puffed up with the infection. Had side by side root canals done. Hopefully you will get your surgery soon and relieve most of the pain. I will say some prayers for you that you have a fast and safe recovery. Roland
  4. After you have merged your account, then go to the uo/mythic page and download either the classic client and or the enhanced client. Then go through the steps to make a trial account. Once you have a trail account up anfd working you go to the UO store and purchase a game time code of either 1, 3, or 6 months. At the UO/mythic page log into your account and navigate to the add game codes page. Enter in your time code and you are set to play the basic game. If you want the Stygian Abyss expansion you have to purchase the game code for 19.99. *note* instead of purchasing the time code plus the expansion, they offer the expansion with one month game time for 29.99. that option saves you a few bucks if you only plan on purchasing one month at a time for the first month. The main thing you need to do is get that trial version up and running and then go look at the UO store and figure out which options work best for you. Hope that helps.
  5. first off, I played Wow actively for 7 solid years. The Forums are terrible.they are full of people with the mentality of spoiled 5 yr olds. to your last statement, I was never a raider. In cataclsym they decided to once again cater strictly to the raiding crowd and linked all PVM progression through raiding, even though in the past they promoted multiple paths to "best in slot" gear. when they announced that the next expanstion is going to be "Kung Fu Panda" and an entirely new design team was coming in a revamping nearly all of the core game mechanics for the 3rd time in three expansions I was done. it's a shame too. I really enjoyed playing with my family guild running 5 man dungeons all weekend long and being able to keep up with the uber elite snowflakes. People have left the game in droves because unless you are a hard core raider, or competitive PvP player there is no point in playing as you will be locked out of all the end game content. It isn't the raiding I object to as much as the politics involved in loot distrubution among a raid that I cannot stand.(for those that do not know, 25 people fight and kill a raid boss, but only two or three people will get anything from the boss. In most raids the raid leader controls who gets any items. so it is open for a lot of abuse as the "In People" seem to always get geared up first)
  6. That is SO WRONG... on so many levels. It reminds me of Matt Groening's Pledge of allegiance from his book "Life is Hell".
  7. um.....you're correct. I have no idea what the spaghetti monster is. But now I'm hungry..
  8. um... the naked dude(Adam) or the Cthulhu creature? Either one is a disturbing thought.
  9. um.. in your case.. it might be working....
  10. Kahlan beat me too it. I've been an active D&D player since 1978. I run a game on saturday evenings with 6 other players ranging in age from 27 to 45. Vin Diesel wrote the forward to a special edition book that Wizards of the Coast (Current owner and publisher of D&D) released to commemorate the 30th anniversary of D&D in 2004. Not sure if Tom Hanks ever played. He starred in an anti-D&D movie in the early eighties called Mazes & Monsters that portrayed D&D as something that caused kids to lose all sense of reality, go crazy, worship the devil, and commit suicide. To this day their are people who still believe that propaganda.
  11. That would be awesome! I'll look for you in game later this evening. Roland - R3
  12. Hello folks. I think I need to get checked for memory issues. Looked up a pair of alacrity Tailoring scrolls today. I went to the vendor and promptly bought two scroll of carpentry. (I just finished leveling my carpentry two days ago and had a brain failure). Anyways, I have two Alacrity scrolls of Carpentry that I don't need and would be interested in doing a straight trade for two Alacrity scrolls of Tailoring. *Crossing fingers someone can help me out* Roland- R3
  13. I remember when I made the transition from dial-up to DSL. It was like playing a completely new game. Early adoptors gained huge advatages in response times, especially in PvP.
  14. You are probably right. I always assumed it was in the game and then taken out . But I clearly remember reading an entire section about it in the UO Player's guide that was put out. I read that thing from cover to cover waiting for the day I would be able to play.
  15. No, what caused UO's downfall was that griefers and gankers could not control themselves and give new players a fighting chance. I was not able to start playing until 2 years after the game launched, and I remember what a drag it was to be constantly having to watch out for gankers when you were trying to level up a skill like mining or lumberjacking, or picking up regeants(the vendors didn't sell them back then if I recall). Or worse, was when you finally could afford to buy a horse or packmule and some jerk would come along and kill you and the horse. Or pick your pocket and take your house key or boat deed. Even so, i was still trying to get my friends to play but they would watch as my pathetic newbie got ganked again and again just leaving town. It was already hard to try and get people used to the idea of paying a monthly fee to play online. But the idea of paying to play a game where you could not adventure in peace because of PK's and griefers was a big turn off for people. Garriott and company thought things like the Red system and bounty system would control player behavior, instead it made it worse. Players could build up huge bounties and then have their own friends kill them to collect the rewards. PvP has proven to work best in games where it is consentual or the entire premise of the game. It was the fact that as a player you had no choice to avoid PVP that killed UO. Before Garriott and UO could correct things EQ came along and that was it. UO lost it's window of opportunity to dominate the MMO scene.
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