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  1. Sadly this is about where I have to step back and let the PvP crowd answer. I am not really a PvP person so effectiveness of skills in PvP is better left to the experts.
  2. Imbuing has pretty much taken over for building gear. I left UO several years ago over the frustration with trying to get artifacts to fill out a suit and random drops being so random. I read about imbuing and figured I would give UO a shot again. I quickly got to 120 imbuing and I have to say UO got a lot better with its post AoS itemization. After your fletching is done I would look into imbuing (use a garg for this as they get a bonus to succeed).
  3. either one will give a boost but it will be rather small. The advantage to focus would be minor stam regen. The disadvantage is focus really gains power every 20 points of skill. With med you will gain power every 10 points of skill but lose the stam regen. As for usefulness at that skill level I cannot say. My main templates either have 0 med/focus or have both at 120.
  4. I just checked and I have a scroll for this recipe on LS. I have sent you a message on ICQ
  5. There was an event on Lake Superior that placed L-ag elementals in places like the mushroom cave. I had heard at the end of the event there was some cure. That might be what this person is referring to. I personally did not take part of that event because all of my characters were in major skill/gear overhaul due to having just come back to the game. As a result I cannot say with 100% certainty on this.
  6. There was a castle placed in malas on (as far as i know) each server and given away as a prize for a contest. The castles are on a little island in the north east corner of malas.
  7. not sure, since i started using pincos ui i have been happy with the map.
  8. hopefully that armor and those weapons will help you start to get back on your feet.
  9. that is from pinco's ui. Those are the mod caps (old loot system and imbuing). Shame loot seems to be able to exceed those limits. example is the 15% spell damage increase, imbuing and typical loot can only go up to 12% on a ring. I have looted rings in shame as high as 18% spell damage increase
  10. I looted this ring tonight and I was wanting to see what it was worth. If the price is right I might consider selling it. .
  11. that ends the fun of filling friends houses with mongbats, imps, or greater dragons.
  12. I just built a sampire using the template McNuge suggested. I did make 1 change. I use a mark of travesty for Bushido/Parry. My template ended up as follows: 120 swords 110 bushido (120 with mark) 110 parry (120 with mark) 100 tactics 100 chiv 100 necro 80 anatomy When I built my gear I settled on a weapon speed of 1.5. On my gear I went heavy on hp increase, mana increase, and stamina increase after putting 8 lower mana cost on each piece and ensuring I had max resists on the armor. I also enhanced my armor after crafting using a forge tool to make things a bit easier and free up some
  13. as an extra bit of information the player crafted hitching post consumes a charge when you pull a pet out or stable a pet. The purchased one will only consume a charge when you pull a pet out of the stable, it is free to put the pet into the stable.
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