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  1. Just to update on this. After various messages sent to <name removed> i received an ICQ saying refund issued. This showed as pending untill today when i received an email saying: "An eCheck payment from <name removed> was declined by the sender's bank. We will automatically try to process this payment again in 3 working days. It then usually takes 3-5 days for the money to be deposited into your account. Please do not ship items until you receive payment." The resolution centre is now showing the complaint as in my favour too. The refund is still showing as pending.
  2. Very unlikely - He's already escalated the paypal dispute so he's been online to do that.
  3. Hey Everyone, Earlier today I saw Sage Draven gating to a fell castle they were selling. I contact them on ICQ : 641977248 (also advertising : 585179661) and had the following conversation: I'm usually very cautious but this time i took a risk, very stupid of me i know but still. Watch out for this guy. ********************* START CHAT LOG ********************* Sage 20:50 You added Sage Recent messages Sage 20:51 Hello Vortex 20:51 Hey Sage 20:51 Its me sage Vortex 20:51 awesome so, your selling it all? Sage 20:51 Yeah im quitting, selling for cash tho. i cant say that in g
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