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  1. banking gold and regs, if anyone needs anything, I have a large tower, a keep, not a castle and the house in hidden valley, let me know
  2. anyone on the catskills shard that needs anything, let me know, I am banking regs and gold, but anything else I may have, consider it yours
  3. cats rocks, you just didnt meet the right ppl, need help pm me
  4. Anyone on cats, I can always go peace monsters for you to train on, PM me and I can see when I can be on game, sadly I dont play much anymore
  5. I win the nigerian lottery almost every day, oh what will I do with all the moulah
  6. if you need anything, I have an 18x 18 you can have along with anything else if u have need
  7. I always played bards, i have a tamer but just what I like
  8. Merry Christmas to you all, *runs off to bed, work tomorrow*
  9. Whichever religion you follow, Merry christmas, Happy Yuletide...................have a safe and joyous holiday, peace and harmony to you all.......Namaste
  10. Merry Christmas to old and new friends, may your holiday be filled with love, peace and harmony
  11. Hello all, I may get on the game much, or get to interact alot, but I wish you holidays filled with love, laughter and memories to last a lifetime.... may peace fill your lives and harmony and compassion follow you all next year
  12. already started it, repatching now, thanks anyway man and have a great day tomorrow
  13. same thing happened, crapola
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