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  1. You mean a regular soul forge..? Those are everywhere's.. Or do you mean a single tile forge?
  2. I want to make a sampire but as a returning vet I'm totally noob as to how they work. I found this very detailed thread on my guild's website. My question is, is this still up to date for today's sampire. Are there any items in here that should be changed? This is how I run my sampire. Skills 120 Fencing 120 Bush 115 Tactics 100 Anat 100 Heal/Resis
  3. i think I had a level 6 focus, yes
  4. I'm fine on the training, but I have a concern with WoD i was casting 400+ damage on the zombie skeletons yesterday once they got low health, so I know it works. but last night i was fighting the boss in humility and it was CLEARLY below 1/3 health (more like 1/20th health) and my WoD spell was only doing 12 damage, with all the same equipment. What's up with that?
  5. I'll trade you a not so rare "foot-in-mouth" if you find a pair, kahlan. There are also glacial bandanas, glacial pick axes and glacial butcher knives on Atlantic. All very rare and very expensive.
  6. I know about the zombie skeletons. Are the pumpkin monsters back with masks to drop? Are there new masks? How many? Any other new things to do? I heard a rumor of new halloween costumes?
  7. Can someone elaborate on this please? I don't macro unattended and i have zero outside UO programs, so I'm not worried about doing anything wrong.. but it would be really nice not to have to heal every 2 minutes and gain a little bit more then .3 a day.
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