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  1. you can also icq me with any questions or anything 258-985-064
  2. still trying to sell this current high bid is 20 mil via pm on these forums
  3. blake

    Rare black horse

    going to let this run for a few more days show me the money lol
  4. blake

    Rare black horse

    20m is the high offer so far
  5. im wanting to take offers on a rare black guard horse from an event a couple years ago. pm me or post your offers here
  6. blake

    Rare black horse

    ok im interested in selling this so ill start taking offers im not interested in xfering it though so you would have to make a character here if you wanted to do that. just pm me or post here with offers
  7. i have a black horse on sonoma i think its one of those leftovers from an event long ago. it is not a dread mare or a mare it is just a horse thats black. i want a price check on this and i might be interested in selling it if the price is right.
  8. thanks for the quick replies the undead guardians were decent but the spawn was 2 random im going to try the styg spawn tonight and the miasma ive found that onis are pretty nice also
  9. ive been out of the game for a while and was just wondering the best thing for a solo tamer for gold and magic items?
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