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  1. That sounds like a plan. I actually currently trying to get a token so I can transfer my tamer over to pacific hes the only good character I have as all my other characters have nothing on them lol. But I'll be on tomorrow for sure.
  2. Thought I would post and say that I was interested in your guild and hoping to maybe meet with someone and just see how I liked it. I have a character on Pacific and just wanted to take a look before I transfer my tamer from another Server.
  3. I'm actually on there right now on one of my old characters just looking around. His name is Swiftymgee and I'm currently around brit bank trying to get used to things if your on and want to show me your guild that would be great.
  4. I decided to try returning to UO after a long long break and currently trying to figure out where to start out. When I first started I played a lot on Pacific but not sure which server I should go to. My main Tamer is on Legends and will probably move him to another server in an attempt to find a guild and a good populated server and just looking to see if anyone thinks their guild will be a good fit and help me decide on a server.
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