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  1. I try not to cloud RL with Gaming, but this week my father has had some serious medical issues, and I have not been able to record or set up this weeks show. Last night was actually first time Ive sat down at a computer in a week, and that was to send the lottery ticket #'s out. (I will still draw the 40mill prize package this week) With that being said, I will try to record a show in the middle of this week or possibly tonight, I'm sorry for the delay, and thank you guys for being such great fans. Static (Grant)
  2. EPISODE 9 IS OUT! CLICK LINK BELOW DONATE?https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=ENP6GJ9CK4CAJ UO INSIDER PODCAST #9 IS OUT! Interview with UOGUIDE.COM Owner Jc The Builder. Keep it locked into UO Insider for ALL your breaking news! UO INSIDER | Best Free Podcast UO Insider | FacebookFew production notes: 1. Tried using leveling program, but it makes files size 600x the original size, making it nearly 3 days to upload (not my idea of fun) so I will continue to try to remove spikes myself. 2. PodOMatic has discontinu
  3. I think if you were to listen to the podcast interview with chad sexington you would understand that he himself is more than happy to hear/see other thieves doing this. While Smurf is not infact chad, hes adding a new spin etc on the game.
  4. NM figured it out if you can post a link below or email uopodcast@gmail.com Thank you
  5. Fellow police officer in my area that was shot. Please pass this around. [video=youtube_share;J21X0KHJKMw]
  6. Last day for questions! Interview will be tomorrow!
  7. UO INSIDER PODCAST #8 IS OUT! Short week this week (July 4th DOODS!) SEE YEA NEXT WEEK Keep it locked into UO Insider for ALL your breaking news! Next Weeks Interview (Post questions Below) UO INSIDER |UO'S #2 Podcast UO INSIDER FACEBOOK LIKE OR DIE! UO Insider | Facebook
  8. UO INSIDER PODCAST #7 IS OUT! Petra Fyde Interview (UO Stratics Managing Editor) Thank you! Keep it locked into UO Insider for ALL your breaking news! UO INSIDER | Best Free Podcast
  9. Its tough, not only to get pics etc, but to think of detail to make it actually "interesting" for the audience to keep them attracted to the website and episodes. Keep it up.
  10. UO INSIDER is requesting that players participate in this interview process with me. This weeks interview is with Petra Fyde Uo Stratics managing editor. Im sure some of you have great questions about Uo Stratics and "who" is Petra that most of us have gotten to know so well. Post below! Petra Fyde (UO STRATICS)-UOSS Managing Editor Post your questions BELOW (Any topic can be covered, clean of course)
  11. Well I've said it before and I'll say it again. The reason for the podcast is first to bring players together. MY hope is that hearing a persons voice and just not "txt" will make everyone a real person with , feelings, emotions and actions that I hope bridges relationships and puts out fires as of sorts. With the political world that we live in these days it's best that we keep game emotions in game and not transform them Into false pretense ideas.
  12. I said it in the chat box above, thank you thank thank you guys for the great responses and Pms and feedback, it makes it sooooo worth the time put in. UoForums.com leads in feedback and podcast listens and views. I couldn't thank you guys more! Keep it up, some cool developments coming out Monday!!! Thank you thank you thank you. O and also if you haven't done it please please take 30secs out of your busy day and subscribe and follow the podcast! Again thank you. Static (Grant
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