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  1. Note that I contacted the Ultima Mapper programmer regarding the opacity bug, within 15 minutes he had it fixed and a new download was ready. I was amazed since I thought most UO utilities were abandoned, but this guy is first class all the way.
  2. I would also suggest UO Mapper over UO Automap for one huge reason: Window Opacity. I like to do treasure chests, and with publish 67 (i think) chests now spawn at random locations, so all the websites with treasure maps and all the rune libraries are now gone/useless. You will need to decode your map by hand, and the easiest way to do that is: 1) Copy your map graphic into the clip board and paste it into MS Paint 2) In Paint scale the map graphic by 400 % 3) Navigate your character to be somewhere near the treasure 4) In UO Mapper uncheck View > Rotate Map and Zoom in so that its sc
  3. If I put magic reflection on myself, how can I remove it? Same question for Reaper form, how can I remove it (without having to recast it)? Thanks in advance
  4. You'll need to call them because you can't login to UO without having the UO account linked to the EA master account. In fact once linked, that is where you change your subscription options or add other keys to UO such as expansions or booster packs (such as High Seas if you buy it). My guess is the linking is not working because the provided UO credentials are wrong.
  5. UO accounts are now manged here: https://accounts.eamythic.com/ I do not remember when it happened, but we needed to create an EA master account, then use that to map UO, DAOC, and Warhammer (I think). So I do not think your original login information will work until you create a master EA account and then map UO into it using the Link Accounts option. Since you do not have the original login/password, my guess is you will need to contact EA/Mythic because I do not see an "I forgot my password" option. Sorry I couldnt help more, but I do not remember all the details myself. But I did
  6. Hehe, today I learned that you cant use meditation even if only your gorget is studded or plate unless it says "Mage Armor". Oops... I thought my mage was all leather BTW, this thread has an update from a UO programmer: http://stratics.com/community/threads/uo-com-vendor-search-issues.313487/
  7. All I want is 6 armor pieces with 4 HPI, 7 MI, 7 SI, 6 LMC, 13 Res.
  8. Thanks again, I did not know that and have been cashing my checks lol
  9. Speaking of vendors (and returning people like me), how do people sell items for 20,000,000 on their vendors when the largest check is 1,000,000 but buying frm a vendor wont use the checks in your bank, and if you cash the checks I think the most you can hold in your bank is 7,500,000?
  10. I tried it on GL about 1/2 hour ago. I did a simple search. I selected leg armor and no other options. No results, even though I know there various forms of leggins in Luna. It's cool, I am in no hurry.
  11. So I spent the night wandering around Luna and jumping to any runes people dropped as I searched for mid level (not top end) gear that did not cost 10+ million per piece I started wishing damn if Vendor Search worked I am sure there is cheap armor out there somewhere! Then the bad news hit me like a rock... I am sure if people sell stuff cheap in Luna, the gold sellers or competition will buy it and flip it for much higher prices, so there is no incentive in Luna for reasonable prices. Fine... well Vendor Search will be a big help, but it will also help them buy up and flip the cheap stuff
  12. I thought about sampire, but I don't think I am into the necromancer, I just feel weird with low Karma I forgot where I got the warrior template, it might be from stratics where I think there is an up to date warrior FAQ. Now I am trying to find gear for the warrior, I am not sure if I should use plate or not because I do not know if Bushido or Chivalry will work with it. Someone in general chat said to use leather... I spent the night running all over trying to find a decent cheap set since I can't hunt difficult stuff until I am fully built, but everything cost millions. Then again
  13. Thank you for all your help, you people are very nice with noobs like me. BTW, here is what I decided on: My Mage (this will take a while and money I know): 120 Magery 120 Evaluating Intelligence 120 Meditation 120 focus 120 Spellweaving 120 myticism My Fencer/Dexxer will become a warrior: Swords - 120 (my understanding is there are more hard hitting 2H swords than fencing 2H) Tactics - 100 Parry - 60 Bushido - 120 Anatomy - 120 Chivalry - 95 Healing - 120
  14. Three simple questions: 1 - Is Necromancy affected by, or does it impact your Karma in any way, and can you play this effectively with positive karma? 2 - How long does an Arcane Crystal last, and do you need one? 3 - If you do not have an Arcane Crystal, how much does it impact the skills (considering the SW will be part of a mage build with EI, etc)? Thanks
  15. I was reading some guides and I am fine with the mage templates, but I am still confused with the dexxer. I have always been a fencer (mainly so I can poison fast in the old days), but I can change. So here is what I was looking at: fence/tactics/healing/anat/resist/parry/chiv But should I drop resist for Bushido? What benefits would having both Bushido and Chiv give me? Will I need a shield, or is it possible to dual wield today, or is it two hander or sword+board? Is there a disadvantage to using fencing? Do I need parry? I read that Chiv skill gives healing, does that mean I d
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