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  1. I don't have a lot of experience with the 3d client, but I know if I change resolutions in the 2d client, everything bumps back into the game window if the change would have otherwise pushed them out... so maybe flip the resolution back and forth, and see if it pops back into view.
  2. Had to share, such a weird news story to post: Police grab $2 million worth of cars after Canadian street race – This Just In - CNN.com Blogs Most drivers under 21, most without a proper license? But they know how to organize and manage crowds on a freeway for street racing? Too many video games, and too much research done on youtube... LOL. Disgusted, jealous, envious, and happy for them all at the same time.
  3. Yea, totally agree. Not a great survey, unless they're gauging the reaction to it too... I was assuming that they did mean what you mentioned: people that phish/exploit/and actually steal accounts for what could be considered a real life legality issue... but still, the question isn't at all clear.
  4. The first question is already misleading in my opinion: have I stolen virtual property? Well...By what method? By an ingame, established, method as being an acceptable way of stealing (i.e. an actual skill in the game called 'stealing')... or are you talking about malicious hacking/exploiting/breaking the Terms of Service of a game and stealing?
  5. Elect me for producer, and I promise to put new vending machines in the cafeteria! But seriously, sad to see him go since he seemed like a really nice guy... but honestly, his heart was never into UO. It would be nice to get someone who actually liked and played this game.
  6. Not getting a house again?? Why not? I bet by now, you've already placed one Welcome back. Soul stone is required gear in my opinion. In fact, I feel that 2 are required. Especially if you don't have a lot of wiggle room on characters for holding skills. They sell in game for about 12-15 million, they come as vet rewards, and you can buy them. Also, don't overlook soul stone fragments if you don't plan on swapping skills a whole lot.
  7. Hey welcome back. No idea about Chessy, just pulling up the welcome wagon. I would wager that you could probably place any kind of lot you wanted there (save for a castle).
  8. Really enjoyed the case studies, haha. Thanks for sharing.
  9. WOW, very cool! Thanks so much to you and Looniper. I'm positive that my friend will enjoy it, he can now exact his revenge . May the garden beds bring you both verdant bounties.
  10. I'd petition for a free code on behalf of my friend (I already have one). He's a bit rusty in the game since coming back to join from years past, so a rustic booster is exactly what he needs . I also feel guilty that I slipped him some of my home brewed strong ale and it took his clothes off... so he needs the chance for revenge!
  11. Thanks! It may be the other way around, if he can't see you he spawns them. I was stealthing my tamer around while my dragon did the work. But I'll test line of sight, good tip!
  12. Bingo. I've made plenty of great imbued jewelry, armor, full suits of all 70's resists that would be great for training with only 55 strength required... yet none of it sells. I know it's not the price, or location of the vendor. My issue with imbuing and crafting for players is that anything that I make is either too general to fit a template, or too specific. I need the player there with me to tell me what they want. I primarily play a crafter, and I would like nothing more than to make gear for friends at a pittance... but the people just aren't there. Any time I see someone in gen
  13. I noticed that UOGuide and Stratics both were lax on the details here, and as an occasional contributor to UOGuide, the information I gather here will be used to update that page. I recently discovered the secret door in The Tomb of Kings that grants access to his lair, and fought him (mostly unsuccessfully) for the first time. A friend of mine showed me how to get in, and helped me tank while my dragon beat it down. Only once did it spawn a creature to defend itself (some kind of sacred armor?). When my friend left me to my own devices (he was a sampire), my dragon started to rip through
  14. So you're telling me that this slither talisman 'back in the day' would have cost 500 million instead of 50 million? No way! If the economy had experienced deflation we would all have luna houses full of artifacts and event items. It's possible that certain items have been deflated, but only because a change of game mechanics made it less valuable. Any item that has value to a player has become inflated many many times over.
  15. Best wishes Static, hope to see you back soon and with good news!
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