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  1. I'm dumb I was thinking the resists went up for some reason... Thanks for the clearing that up. So when the resisting spells skill gets all the way up will all the stats increase faster after that??
  2. Hey, I read a guide on how to bring up pet resists and its the same as I did with the Spellbinders in New Haven. However when I went there to do it for my pet (A Bake Kitsune) It did nothing I had like 5 Spellbinders on him for an hour and nothing went up. Anyone know why? Maybe I'm doing Something wrong?? Thanks!
  3. Sorry it is in Atlantic, made of leather, and 234 combined durability.
  4. So I have this suit I made with imbuing that has 100% LRC, 42 MI, 6 MR, and all 70 resist's So how much could it be worth?? Thanks!
  5. So far I think that fixed it. I had no idea that was where minecraft was. Thanks alot!
  6. I've seen it in both single and on the hardcore server. I have not seen it on the creative server though. But I have only been to the creative server a few times.
  7. I've had a strange error in minecraft where parts of land will just move in random places somtimes half of my house will be moved to another part of the map. Also peices of trees will be missed placed right next to the rest of the tree. Is this a common error or am I just special?
  8. I play the hardcore server. However I play whenever I can. I'm in Germany but working a swing shift... So my time zone is whatever right now lol.
  9. Welcome back!! I switched to Atlantic because I wanted the higher population. However in doing so I learned that there will be more people in the places I want to hunt, or more PK's around when gathering recourses. On my old server Somona there isn't anyone on it anymore... In the end I don't regret switching to Atlantic. I'm sure either decision will work out great anyways. They all have their ups and downs.
  10. I can imbue you a suit for your swordsman if you want. Just tell me what you want on it and I'll see what I can do.
  11. Guess I should have said what I am... I'm a mystic/mage
  12. So I got past that little hick up and now at 108.1 imbuing, but I'm running into the problem again. I dont know if its normal for it to be this slow sense I have never trainned a crafting skill past 105 before... I'll craft exceptional quality jingasa's and imbue them with 90 luck 10% RPD and 1%-3% LRC 18 times. and I'll get like 2 gains for maybe every 5 or 6 jingasa's I use up... I'll try to keep my chance % around 47%. Is this normal for my skill rate being around 108? What did you guys do to train to up to 120 from 110ish??
  13. I've been killing the blood elementals in shame and I'll rarely get a relic. Are the unbound EV's or the mages much harder than the blood elementals??
  14. Atlantic is one of the most populated try it out.
  15. Does RC work for all the treasure map levels?
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