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  1. In game access to your crafting needs. Make the suit or weapon today! Forged Metal Of Artifacts 30M Ander 363-044-218
  2. Thanks Kayhynn, I appreciate your help recovering my account! It has definately been far too long.
  3. Hello Pac! After a quick process I was able to recover my forums account! I am happy to be back in contact with the forums and the Pacific player base. It has been a long time since I have used this account so my appologies if it seems a bit off. As a sidenote I would like to identify myself as a newer Ranger of Skara Brae. I have found the guild to be an informative and friendly one. Our adventures to date have been often and successful. That being said, I proudly & formally reintroduce "Ander's Rune Library" as:
  4. This post is for the scammer...not the forum community. Please read and take careful note. Seriously? It is evident that you believe this scam is clever amongst other dishonorable adjectives. Honestly though...what it really looks like to everyone is a poorly engineered, pre-destined fail, second rate stand up comedy routine. Reality leads the way and proves that the only thing you are doing at this point is effectively insulting the intelligence of the uo players, uoforum/stratics members while degrading yourself. Worst part is you have already proven that you dont have the marbles to
  5. Hello Everyone! I hail from the Pacific Shard where I own and operate one of the finest library establishments in all of Sosaria. Currently the Library has been copied 5 times and shipped out to several different shards for public use. The Library is home to over 400 runebooks most of which are Html Title and or Double Exceptional, also services a vast community telepad network featuring links to both abyss properties (in addition to several other museums/community project houses), and boasts an astounding 4,982 marked rune locations to all facets of Ultima Online. Currently I enjoy work
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