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  1. Hate to bump old topics but its the open alpha weekend, more info @ http://citadelstudios.net/?p=2458 It's very basic right now but its only 250mb
  2. Too many posts to read. Are people doing this now and is there a summary of rules etc?
  3. Hey Kayhynn, Whats the purpose of signing up on the group are you peeps going to use it for anything?
  4. I watched your latest video this morning it was much better Why not make a video showing the latest publish content or tell us about The Awaking content/story so people like me who haven't played for a few months can see what we are missing, you never know Mythic might see it and as they get better start linking to your videos as your promoting their game Even though I'm subscribed and I see new videos on my tablet every morning why not post videos here once you've uploaded them to Youtube so lazy people can watch them. Keep up the good work and I'll continue to provide feedback
  5. I watch videos such as this [video=youtube;4qMlzH87fy4] He is very entertaining but its a skill talking to yourself for hours. If you can't talk to yourself get someone else in on the video and both of you commentate.
  6. Just started watching the 'Ultima Online (Enhanced Client) - Seed Quest' video and nearly fell asleep... I've subscribed now tho
  7. Excellent work. The star shaped building 2 posts above looks Russian for some reason.
  8. Houses and things I've made for various competitions and roleplaying designs.
  9. A new player guide book which is a book full of newplayer achievements, complete the book and you get a reward and a nifty book Quests that require you interact with real people and visit locations such as Britain bank, Vesper mage shop etc.
  10. infamos you pretty much have it there. I'm not one for the fighting between 2 sites which have the same goal. These forums are peaceful and I like it that way. Spread the love
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