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  1. One thing I wanted to add is that. I think most of us grew up before the internet age. People would meet on line and it wasn't the "normal" way to meet someone. Now that stigma still exists with people but imho it's fading away. Years from now it wont even occur to people that there is anything wrong with hooking up online.
  2. 1. No good deed goes unpunished? isnt the only reason people speak french in Canada is that the english when they won some war let the french stay there....I really really dont know, but thats some vague recollection that I had. 2. I was in Japan at some small dive bar and ended up drinking with two Militant Quebecians. I'm talking about the Quebecian equivalent to the IRA. I'm not even canadian and I was offended for all the canadian people that I know by what these 2 where saying.
  3. But how does it work? What do you trade in? Can i prepare by stocking up on stuff to turn in?
  4. I did a google search and most of the info I saw was from 2008. Can someone please give me an idea of how this works? I see you have to turn stuff in, but what do they want you to turn in. Can you turn anything in? Maby someone can post a link to a faq because i couldn't find anything, and it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I saw a Tornado form once when I was younger, and it scared the shizer out of me.
  6. Do I think that I'll be in my car with a christian friend and they will blink out of existence and then a while later the end will come....NO Do I think the earth could be destroyed by a astroid or the sun some distant day in the furture. Yes But this is the key point.... I dont claim to know the truth or what could happen in the future.
  7. I really hope you read and consider things and not just stick your fingers in your ears and go lalalala. 1. Why worry about it if i dont believe in it? Long story made up of a bunch of short stories. I dont feel like going in to it, but lets just say. I was tired of being witnessed to, so I educated my self about what people where preaching to me. 2. You said this.... IF I understand your thinking correctly, your hope is to die and cease to exist. Now if you are right no big deal. If I'm right, then you will have eternity in hell if you don't have a change of heart. Please let me
  8. You as an individual are thinking that I'm speaking directly to you. I am not. I'm speaking in general terms and I'm speaking broadly about the christian religion. One of the basic tenant of Christian faith that a rapture will happen.... While there are varying opinions in how and when this will happen it is generally accepted that as a christian you accept jesus in to your heart and when jesus returns you will be saved. Did I get any of that wrong? Now, Harold Camping is saying that jesus is going to return on x and x date. Which most people think is wrong/dumb/what ever.... In g
  9. Kayhynn 1. There is no religious belief that says it's okay to fly jumbo jets into buildings. Show me a written document that says that. There isn't. Fly "jets in to buildings" no but to kill people that do not agree with them...yes 2. Harold Camping preys on naive individuals. So do other religious groups. He's not the only one out there. Might wanna do some research. Come on bud, You know that I know that and we have never even meet. It's silly to imply that I think Harold Camping is the only one whos robbing naive people.
  10. Sable wow that clip is crazy! I want to share one of my fav clips about god. I hope you all watch it and respond. I feel like they make the point better than I ever could. [video=youtube;3xwZt8ypufE]
  11. Adri, Mum If you think that I was insulting you personally then I'm sorry. I was and am insulting the system of belief that allows people like Harold Camping to milk 80 million dollars out of people who believe that Jesus is returning in the next few months.
  12. 1. my names not dave it's rocky 2. your implying that you need religion to be moral...you dont 3. So what if we jewZombie lovers like to hang out in church and eat some bread and hear a good story about Naked people in a garden? Hey I dont care at all...do that as much as you want. The thing that bothers me the most is the postalizing & the hypocrisy...You want to worship I think thats great. When you start to impose your views on me thats when I have a problem. & and when I say impose your views on me i'm not just talking about someone walking up and witnessing to me, I'm talki
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