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  1. Icq me with price if you have one for sale ICQ# 86313636
  2. ICQ me with what you have 86313636
  3. looking to buy a transfer token on pacific with alantic gold
  4. I am looking to transfer gold on alantic for a transfer token on pacific please let me know.no scammers
  5. I was contacted by LORD Nadin on ICQ#619865240 with the house i had forsale he told me he would like to broker it for me and this is how it went and he is still msg me as I type this Lord Nabin 4/8/2011 4:55 PM You added Lord Nabin BadBoy 4/8/2011 7:01 PM you just added me after all we have been talking Recent messages Lord Nabin 11:27 AM Hello friend! BadBoy 11:27 AM hello hows it going Lord Nabin 11:27 AM I am okay not to bad! And yourself BadBoy 11:27 AM not to bad whats up Lord Nabin 11:28 AM I must of added you because you were looking for something on u
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