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  1. [ATTACH]75[/ATTACH] The proud crew of the U.S.S. Les Paul, hand picked by "Section 31.5" for the toughest missions the galaxy can throw. If you thought Section 31 was black ops, you have no idea about Section 31.5
  2. Those bare-bones launchers are standard during beta I think, along with a lot of other stuff like some of the the UI... It's amazing to see all the tidying up that gets done in the final weeks before a launch!
  3. [ATTACH]74[/ATTACH] Here's my Tier 3 Heavy Cruiser. A mix of Cheyenne, Dakota, and Stargazer designs. She takes a lickin' and, well you know the rest.
  4. Server back up FYI... Patching for the second time (open beta) right now! Can't wait to see all that's fixed!
  5. I'll agree, it does hurt immersion when you get hailed by Captain "Beef Stew" of the "U.S.S. Hot Pants" or some such nonsense...
  6. I flew past the U.S.S. Wynona Rider the other day and got a good chuckle All my ships have been Guitar related so far, The U.S.S. Marshall (LC), U.S.S. Gibson ©, U.S.S. Ibanez (E), the U.S.S. Les Paul (HC).
  7. All these are great suggestions. I, for one, hope they do something to make Sector Space more engaging as time goes on. I'd like to see more to do on the bridge as well. Right now you can spend energy on different bridges and go there, but the only time I ever found a use was when you couldn't add skill points in space due to a bug. Now that it's fixed, I no longer have any reason to go there... I want to be able to go to the different stations and have the bridge be part of missions. Half of every episode takes place on a bridge! Also, I'd like to see the little things get some attent
  8. Right now, AS IS, I give it a solid 7 out of 10. This is just to be fari to it's current state. I expect my review to go up to an 8.5 shortly after launch but we'll see. The gameplay is great, especially space battles. I like how they took a page from the Bridge Commander book of naval combat. It would be nice to have full range of Z axis motion including rolls, but the current setup is pretty darn good IMO. I am especially impressed with the attention paid to bug reports in the game. I've been submitting them regularly and they get fixed very quickly, even the typos. I like to think
  9. [ATTACH]73[/ATTACH] This is my Starship, the U.S.S. Guyinspace! All jokes aside the game is betting better and better every day but this is one that I hope they have ironed out before Feb. I have every confidence! Edit: (Sorry the pic is kinda small, but if you click on it it gets bigger. Is there a way to make these bigger if uploaded direct to forum?
  10. So far I have found for Engineer the Bunker Fabrication Kits to be the most useful. The Mk4 I currently use Has Turret2, Shield Gen2, AND, MedGen1. Great for hole-ing up.
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