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  1. Awesome interview! Answered a ton of stuff for me. an interesting read too Great job, Thanks, all of you - that means you too Grimm
  2. @ Borik, while I had the latest directX as well, mine is a hardware conflict issue not resolvable in the BIOS When starting, the game performs a certain 'call' i think, to audio, and if the expected return is not received, game closes, period. A quick way to tell is throw the game on a jump drive and plug it into another PC, which you don't have. Kernel sounds like an OS issue, imo. Google KERNEL.dll error and you'll see what I mean.
  3. 'Sounds' like a great idea to me, lots of people have extra accounts, probably not all with 120's on them, but let us know the impact it has on the one you're doing things on.
  4. I have one (Dell i think) w/ on-board snd that just crashes out like that but gives an error code string or number. 100% sure in my case it's the audio. also, Framework is not required unless you use Pinco's interface w/ EC
  5. What gear do you use? I shudder to think how pitiful mine probably is, as I do good to get a 70's, but it's nice to have something to work towards, that next level of enduring mob toughness.
  6. Most interesting was 'reported' by a placed Nexis deed holder, they were now developing Exodus spawn in their home.
  7. The time periods before any Major release or expansion? say, 6-9, even12 mths prior. Just trying to remember what events went on in the game, what the mood of community was, back in the moments just before one. The recent lacking of playable story content seems to have hit a rather large calm moment, except for Grimm's pumpkin, there's not been anything going on in a while - incl the current lame content. I know the 15th anny is coming up, just thinking resources have been going elsewhere, maybe for a nice surprise?
  8. Outside the Keep, severe lag hit, died, watched Ophids walk back and forth peeing on my corpse after each looted multiple times. Just kept seeing that *loots an item* popping up. Then suddenly poof! They all vanished - the spawn reset. After I got the few remaining items back and my slayer weapon was still there, I then noticed another ghost promptly rezzing and healing them. I asked them if they needed any help getting their stuff (people did that back then), they asked "You think my corpse is still there?" The time from the massive lag spike should allow them to still be 'bones', so I asked
  9. I always used to want a castle, or keep, but with so many deco concerns, I'm kinda glad I didn't. I would have to agree with Baruk_S' statement on the Fun aspect. If you're not a packrat, you don't need the extra lockdowns, besides, there so much more to be creative with a customizable 18x18. I've seen dungeon scenes, small castle w/ attached tower complete w/ bridge. Very extraordinary optical illusions, versus a static block home. I say let 'em keep it, I'll keep my Fun.
  10. I can't remember exactly why UBWS on bows isn't anymore. I still have a couple but maby someone else knows the details. Seems it didn't last too long. My first guess is it wasn't Devs, but crybaby pvp'ers that caused it to be both disabled, then removed from spawning. Either that or something was very broken about the mechanics
  11. How about if someone wanted to use the tag, especially width and height statements, to keep from 'stretching the board', so to speak
  12. I run the Classic Client 'fullscreen' on a 19" widescreen display set to 1440 x 900, small but doable until they can finish the EC art to give a little better depth
  13. Some people in UO thrive on puzzles like that, I personally do not, even with a walk-thru solution at hand. I feel objects rewarded from completing should be available 2 ways, under that old saying, " work smarter, not harder". If you're smart you can do it the fast way, otherwise take the slower semi-grind path. Nor do I think a do or die, or requiring specific templates is the best solution for the player majority. The more players a puzzle or quest is opened to, the more players will be doing exactly that, Playing.
  14. There's nothing that i know of that would prevent anyone from making the same poll here and then email/PM it to Jeff or Mesanna, is there? Then the non-stratics voters' voice could be heard. They know there's 2 fan sites, they can do what they want regarding the numbers.
  15. I'd like/prefer to see actual numbers as well. Thinking that won't happen because it'll show what a grind it is. accidentally wrestled a rioter to death, lost karma (forgot to check, but that'd be something that could be numerically measured)
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