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  1. I called you , I called you .....oh God pissing myself laughing
  2. LMAO...HA HA HA this has to be funner or as fun as trap door spiders, what the hell is this ??
  3. You go Mr.Dragon Tounge. [video=youtube;fIYOlEJ6lRo]
  4. I knew that ole crazy coot had them ther zombies lock up in that barn I knew 2 weeks ago he wasn't rigth in the head....man I knew it, knew it !! But oh no, did pretty Boy Rick check the barn.. nope !!!
  5. oh man Vice city was the bomb THE MUSIC, THE TIGER CAB, THE ARMY, I stole so many tanks, I could have outfitted Cuba with a small army. yup I liked Vice. I wore the insane stunt camera out and the American Eagle Harley INTO THE GROUND
  6. I don't know, I am a die hard fan of Merle!! Darryle just totally stole the show so yeah, I am hoping and praying Darryle keeps marching forward I just need Merle to show up here and there to reak some pay back on drama boy!
  7. I love this clip [video=youtube;zuzaxlddWbk]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuzaxlddWbk&feature=aso
  9. When they released Dungeons and Dragons Online Stromreach Beta Test that was so fun I stayed up 48 hours straight running around figthing Kobols who tossed fire bombs and thought themselfs equal to a dragon, trolls,and bugbears magic was fun to cast, shield blocking was a pure joy, tumbleing out of the way of a giants rock tossed was a delight, watching 3 foot dwarfs tripping 30 foot tall gaints was so dam funny I was in tears....creative imagenation was around every corner and fun was so thick in the air you could cut it with a knife.
  10. Totaly agree not only is this true, progaming a grind or time killing crafting programing plots "gathing 4 or 5 items to craft an item" is the direct result of schools turning out programers and calling them game designers more or less they are time sink creators. If I had the money to hire game designers the first thing I would require of them is that they knew nothing about computers,programing,graphics, or even how to turn on a computer period and no invested interest in profit gain from the games I hire them to create. I would even require them to remove the word design out of their t
  11. Met a Girl in the parking lot, all I did was say hello,..... her pepper spray made it rather hard to walk her home, was it love at first site ??? [video=youtube;SGwYJzKBJEk]
  12. 24 hours later still listing so many songs and everyone as good as the last [video=youtube;AE0EAW9pXY0]
  13. This kid is a pure Genius Mozart of our time he just don't write music he creats it this song is the result of him going out on a hiking trip he had a bowl of cereal with strawberrys in it. [video=youtube;0J7UPSh2Xxw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J7UPSh2Xxw&feature=related
  14. Well we could do one guild with 9 defrent color sets of clothes, or we could have 9 volunteers and make 9 guilds! For right now we need to drum up enough interest and ideas on how to put this into action There are 8 viirtues and chaos in iishenar so that's where I get the 9 from. Was kind of hoping to get enough folks interested so yes put forth ideas this is going take seriuos player who are going be around UO for years so a Codex of Rules need to be made. The reason I chose IIshenar is because you can't recall there you can recall out but you can't recall in or recall around in the land
  15. Who wants to start newbie wars on new shard new chars only. You're aloud one hour a week to hunt build character skills the honor system is a must! Wars will take place on sundays in the land of iishard wars can last up to 8 hours. Each group will take a virtue shrine as their land, will place a colored box somewhere in the land when nother group attacks and captures the box then those that lost the box will be in submission to figth under the flag of those that captured the box as one unit! if the chaos group attacked the compassion group and capture their box then the campassion group w
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