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  1. The description sounds to me essentially what events are...so pretty much event bosses without EMs?
  2. Just a heads-up, I believe I'm running the default skin for the forums, and whatever text you have is extremely difficult to read against the background.
  3. So I was just curious, but as I'm trying to liquidate my possessions I thought of how fun IDoCs can be. I was wondering if there would be any interest in say, me issuing a cover charge and if so many people wanted to participate they could get friended to my house and I would randomly release my possessions for them to snatch up. Only those who paid the fee to enter the house would be able to access the items. These are the top three floors of my tower; this doesn't count the bottom floor with the reagents, consumables, rares, event items, etc. TOP FLOOR · A Soulstone (green) Bush
  4. Part one. Gimme some offers ON EACH COLLECTION AS A WHOLE, PLEASE...not looking to split any up. Located on Atlantic. o Collection 1 - 150m Backpack (Engraved: IMBUING) §2 Delicate Scales §6057 Luminescent Fungi §9 Spider Carapace §2792 Relic Fragment §Void Orb §30 Scouring Toxin §77 Toxic Venom Sac §Crystalline Blackrock §6 Reflective Wolf Eye §3584 Parasitic Plant §Lodestone §46 Chaga Mushroom §Crystal Shards §Lava Serpent Crust §10 Blight §1069 Enchanted Essence §Daemon Claw §3 Powdered Iron §Undying Flesh §7 Taint §9 Slith Tongue §3021 Switch §2 Crushed Glass §3 Void Essence §401 Bark Fr
  5. Unfortunately it's been months since Excedrin was taken off the shelves for a bottle mixup...thankfully I stockpiled ahead of time due to the frequency of my headaches and migraines. These are things besides medication that help for me: Avoid focusing on words or distant objects (places strain on the eyes) Get some caffeine (if you drink lots of coffee, you can experience withdrawals if you suddenly stop; you'll find caffeine as an ingredient in a number of migraine/headache meds) Eat (insufficient diet can lead to pain; I've found I am sometimes lacking in protein, so jerky is a quick fix)
  6. ICQ me 191025732; I'd like to check it out.
  7. I'll spread the word. Thanks for the bump, lol.
  8. Current high bid 400m Manticore (Stratics). If no further bids within 12 hours (i.e., by 8pm CST) this auction will end.
  9. Current high bid, 380m Green Lantern (Stratics)
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