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  1. Nice pictures! I saw myself in various forms there too
  2. Painted Caves Joint Expedition Lead By Raven Of Cove If you wish t'assist in the clearin' out of the local Cave, be ready by Trinsic West Gate, at 8PM sharp, ready t'go for battle! Hope t'see you there. Raven Command Task ~ Raven
  3. Present: Pistia Overview: I was' reportin to guard duty earlier' when I found tha' a General, an some.. Orc we had in th' Jail were lookin' fairly restless'. Not long after a small force came, ah think' ter release their general. Their attempts were thwarted after a long battle, i held m'post and kept tha' General imprisoned. Sketches: Pistia
  4. So, we take their weapons off them.. if they cause violence? not before?
  5. New Marksmen to 'elp Guard and work for this company. Little about me.. eh.. I come from tha' Skara Brae Rangers, so i know a little about Archery.. been there as long as i c'n remember! Ah like wrestlin' too! You can call me Belia, and contact m' eagle on its tag.. 153345773. Looking forward too seein' yer all! Belia
  6. simple really, as long as they arent making a loss on this game they'll keep it going. about it. KR was a shame, they could have done better, and gotten the thoughts of all the players doing email wide survey rather than putting out what they think we want.
  7. its not easy for a single player to do big mosnters in a dungeon, if they dont have arti's and uber armour. GM armour doesnt cut anything.
  8. yeah.. they'd just exploit it more. wouldnt they!?
  9. yeah, i agree but i dont know many ppl who has 125 mil in the bank.
  10. because my guild forums are on here.
  11. redesign some pats of your house over it to move it to your movign crate.
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