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  1. *bump* Bumping this back up so people dont forget about it
  2. We should label the characters in the first liberation of trinsic pic, so many old faces.
  3. Twilight represents a difficult choice that all young women make atleast once in their life....necrophelia or beastiality?
  4. The London ones are usually popular. Manchester/Liverpool is easier for me, but If ive got enough time I can travel
  5. If you know his character/server you could try this FigurePrints - World of Warcraft
  6. I have my own, but I have too many pictures of me drunk and/or no clothes on. So I dont think im going to be sharing it
  7. [video=youtube;4CKxDMOF4EI]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CKxDMOF4EI Oldboy I love the sheer grittyness of this scene. Amazing film. The battle in ONG BAK are great too because they didnt use any safety nets and the punches/kicks connect instead of scripted fights.
  8. He looks like your avatar hehe. Sounds good though. Heres my favourite new band at the moment, It is a happy a fun french band (rapping in English /w wierd pronunciations) and they wear crazy clothes too. [video=youtube;fI043Av2NsY] I usually mostly listen to Rock Music though. My fav bands are The Pixies, The Wildhearts, The Smashing Pumpkins etc I also goto alot of festivals in the UK over the years, last year I got to see Faith No More finally at Download Festival. The year before I got to see KISS, who were awesome.
  9. I cant put these in any order, but these are some of my favs. Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas Paris, Texas District 13 & District 13 Ultimatum Falling Down Mad Max Triology Angel-A The Pursuit of Happyness Any MST3K Dark Knight LOTR Triology Nightwatch & Daywatch Where the Buffalo Roam The Fifth Element Waterworld
  10. The Green Mile mouse was called Mr.Jangles too. Blame the GF
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