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  1. Have to agree with my old pal Thorien, you could not handle the awesomeness of us all back in game at one time again....infact I think the server would break or something. Also Klion! A flippin quiz!? You do realise who some of us are (were?) we don't do flippin quiz nights! *laughs*
  2. Don't mistake my posting here as a indication of my activity in UO, i just follow the forums to keep in touch with old friends. Ive not played UO for years now.
  3. I think by the amount of responses that it would not be worth it! Sad mind, would have been interesting Henry and Raul meeting again after all this time!
  4. Be fun to see old friends (and foes) again i think, but wether i can be bothered to reinstall and search out my old passwords....well that would depend a lot on who comes.
  5. Some of us remember the real reason you went into your RP exile Kamchack!
  6. One of the few people i met who i never upset! Always up for a laugh and game for anything, sadly missed. My condolences go out to her family.
  7. Oh of course i remember you VanQa and of course the lovely Miss Tabbitha (always my favourite victim!)
  8. Looks to me like the new client didnt work for UO, seems like you all use the old 2d one still, this true?
  9. I can assure you i do not loose sleep over stuff that happened nearly 3 years ago, if certain parties still hold grudges thats there problem. I just stick my nose in here out of curiousity, nice to see old faces like Sally and Esca still around. Sadly i do not recognise the others. Also im still happily playing in Lotro with my Dwarves...keeping it real and being all Dwarvey! =)
  10. I remember one back in the day when there was a talking Dragon, El'cendra or something. Came up to me in Yew when i was making bows to sell (yes thats how you used to make money back then) and scared the crap out of me! But them guys were called Seers then and were much cooler! They use to bless houses and player towns, Deepwater for example, that had street lights and a fountain added!
  11. Who? Im Raul not Henry Winter and im well known for putting toys back into prams!
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