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  1. Cuilwen, I trust you are well. Its been quite some time since we last spoke. Im in need of a favor... Its been a rough few months for me and Ravenscroft, I regret to inform you that we have seen great loss recently. Through what seems to been a drive by the Duchy we have lost our key trade routes in and out of the city. Ive also suffered great loss from the hands of what we now believe to be a demented mongbat. As a result of these factors our numbers are low and I, regretfully lost hope and hit the bottle. The end was near for the Trinsic company, until, we recieved news from
  2. Good ter see you old friend... I get the feeling my uo play time will increase now your back. :-)
  3. Good Bye Mr Pike... You have definately left your mark on Ultima... You have earned your place in Ultima's history. *Tips Hat*
  4. ====================== Trinsic Rogues ===================== We have recieved word that there has been increased activity on the Britain road that heads North West from Trinsic to Britain. This is an opportunity for a potencial road side robbery! Make sure you are disguised.... Make sure you are armed... Make sure you are ready.... To make sure we are prepared we will meet at the Hidden Valley (Ravenscroft) at 8:00pm GMT Your support is appreciated.... Tom Blackwood Down with Tyranny!
  5. Thanks Calis - How embarrassing! I understand that others have had the same problem though!
  6. Aww thats a shame. Bring em back! the more rogues and theives the better I say!
  7. So I think im finally in a position to say that im happy to play the new client! For months and months I have tried, but always found I move back to good old 2d! I have one little question that i'm hoping somebody can help with... Certain tiles seem to have a yellow flashing aura that about as tall as a player?? what is it? can i remove this option? Or am I just seeing things!
  8. Eeek was it really? Does the site still exist? Would really like to see it :-)
  9. I'm on it... :-) I'll post back with some mock ups :-)
  10. Ahoy there Mr Pike... and welcome to Europa. I am like you... I believe there is still a place and need for websites. They should be the door to the guild and maintained with the history of the guild. The Trinsic Rogues - Small guild that I will never give up on have such a site. Tome of the Trinsic Rogues In relation to earlier posts... Im not sure who's idea it was to unite the guilds under one website (may of been suggested before me) However the purpose of me owning a website called Europa-RP was for this reason. I am happy to to start this off and use it as a host for all s
  11. In the past the Trinsic Rogues have been famous for their legendary game of Donkey vs. Lama! In the next few weeks DvL will be re-launched to our community! Would you like to know more? - Read the rules here... Tome of the Trinsic Rogues
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