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  1. As usual a long break has been broken and I find myself logging back into the game to see if I can see any familiar faces etc... Short answer is no, but who's about these days and on what shards? Seems I have 3 characters on my old account, 1 on each of the following shards; Atlantic Europa Drachenfels I'm a U.K player but a quick scout of Europa and Drach yielded ghost towns both. Atlantic seemed to have some people but I wonder if there are some Euros on there too otherwise it could be a lonely game if it means I have to stay up until midnight to join folks. Primamarily I enjoy gui
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    So does a cloak with 3% count as magical properties? Its just another piece of armour I guess, slightly protective like a normal cloak would be. I don;t really mind either way, as I'm an archer, its nice to wear a quiver, which wouldnt be possible with a cloak. Then again, quivers have 10% damage increase, which is why i see a lot of melee character wearing them anyway.. HMM!?
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    I don't personally consider it a problem, I'm just enquiring as I know there are a lot of rules on Europa Rp with regards to gear. Since I wasn't sure thought I 'd ask around. thanks for the reply!
  5. Eigil


    My rewards came through today. I was considering claiming a "Grey Cloak". It suits my char both in look and RP, but it carries 3% physical res. Didn't know if this would be a problem. If so, I'll leave it and claim somethnig else. Cheers!
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