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  1. I thought it was that they actually needed to leave the subserver area, for example just drop them across a server line and go back for more.
  2. i was doing some lava fishing in hopes of getting some more stone pavers, and i got one that spawned in valorite color! shweet!!
  3. Got it working a while back, no sweat now. For classic users you must run UOAssist, however, you do not need a seed for the actual UOAssist to be fully running, all you need to do is open the client with it and let it run in the background. If your still having problems then try logging out and back in again on your character.
  4. you could drop the magery and use recall scrolls to keep your rune books full. that would open up 40 points. could dump it into anatomy and healing, or some more into music. it sounds cool, different. you may be able to use the provo bard mastery songs to your advantage, that is if they dont interupt while your fighting. another thing you might do is, drop 30 from tactics so that you have enough for special moves, take 10 from healing and drop the 40 from magery to get yourself up to 80 chiv. This would enable you the use of sacred journey to get around, and give you more damage increase with
  5. They are not that hard to get actually. Killing ANY monster ANYWHERE in Ter Mur including the Abyss dungeon will provide a chance for them to pop right into your pack. Some folks on my shard have taken to the toxic sliths as they drop fast and respawn fast as well. I personally enjoy doing the mini champs inside the Abyss becuase you can have a chance at getting some items and farming ingredients as well.
  6. Could be a new booster or maybe just a recollection of things from the past. Looks really cool whatever it is. So what do we have here anyway, I see an elven archer, something that looks like a crystal demon from Prizm of Light perhaps, and a possesed guy with bone armor on with what looks like a fireball where his heart should be. And the blue demon guy just looks like what you look like when you go into horrific beast form, LOL! Maybe all these have something in common somehow...
  7. you missed out on the cure quest. There was some really nice rewards to be had there. namely the Hygieas Amulet and Bracers of Alchemical Devastation
  8. maybe sampire with mystic mage for back up?? one to damage and one to heal and rez.
  9. just popped in to see what people posted. I actually had a pretty easy time with both cooking and imbuing. Cooking more so obviously but... I did cooking from 0 to GM in one day, and imbuing in less than a week. takes a lot of fish steaks and resources though. Still, very cool item to have, now all the SoTs ive saved up will be coming in very handy, 0 to GM in the time it takes me to click open a token and eat 2 scrolls
  10. This account is split between Atlantic and Legends, 165 months. Almost 14! Looking forward to shard shields!
  11. ok i follow those directions to the 'T' and i get nothing... what gives??? do you have to have uo assist to run it?
  12. well im living in korea right now. I check the uoherald.com page daily so I knew they were out, just came out a few days ago. But I cant read koean so I have to have a friend back the states do it for me.
  13. try using a lower end runic tool to pop the 25% damage increase. if your already using a dull copper hammer you may just need to keep trying until one pops without a lot of other mods.
  14. first of all, in order to reforge you must use an item that has no magical item properties already on it. The best thing to do is use a craftsman with top level skill and arms lore. Always use exceptional pieces. After that there are basically 2 ways you can use reforging to get something that you want that is useful. To answer your question about using a val hammer vs. using a dull copper hammer, yes. It will add more properties and make them much stronger in intensity. What a lot of folks like to do is pick a set of prefix and suffix that have properties that they are looking for as part
  15. McNuge

    Mage Build?

    do you find that having no med and leeching from wraith form is enough for your mana regen? it almost sounds as if its better, of course if the monsters mana pools are not empty..
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