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  1. Chapter One: Anger Management Buttons awoke early one morning in the barracks. As he rose from his slumber he noticed that a vase of flowers had been left at his bed side. "S'this Rubbish?" Buttons cried as he grabbed the vase and hurled it, The sound of breaking glass and a shriek of pain from a recruit followed. He gathered his equipment and put on his cap. He tried desperately to remember the evening before. Strolling out of the barracks all the recruits and Juniors gasped at him. Getting a bit curious, Buttons looked to a recruit. "S'wrong?" Buttons asked. The Recruit just lau
  2. Ah... I just joined too late... Still managed to enjoy a few battles During my time tho... More of those! I demand it!
  3. April fool joke! Come visit the community event if you still are a part of it!
  4. And what is it we'll do? A drow hunt, silly! Sounds cool. And when will this happen? Glad ye ask. it'll be 1st April at 8:30 pm GMT Awesome! And what do I need to bring? All ye need to survive! And where do I need to gather for that amazing event? At the Covian barracks! And dare ye to be late! And what's the prize? Yer current pot plus an extra! Ilyana Drachen, Commander of the Covian Army OOC: This is a community wide event, so everyone is invited. Orcs, drows, undeads or the like though should come in disguise.
  5. I swear! Didn't break the door! Also, I love the idea of the thread!
  6. Not me, Hawk. I'm merely spreading the news. All rules will be told in details again once it's about to start.
  7. Hope you'll have a good time! Perhaps we'll see each other again, somewhere... @Gwen Other online games just don't hand the freedom as UO does (not yet) @Nathaniel We need to get away from this thinking, that the community is only "your own guild" We need to work more together, rather than just pity ourselves
  8. When: Sunday March 11th 8:30GMT Where: Covian Barracks After Covian parade we're going to have some a bit of a fun training competition, the full details will be given after Parade. What's needed? No Armor, No Weapons, No Spellbooks of any type, No Potions, No Apples, No Poison, No Petals, And only 50 Bandages. Mages will be asked to either not participate or only have 40 of each herb. Anyone is allowed to participate. (looting may need to be a part of the game so everyone please bring a yellow bag and bank any superfluous items, you wont lose anything that is yours.)
  9. Although some parts of the memorial are missing, thanks for recording it and sharing with us...
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