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  1. Hello Matius, Game is addictive at least for me. PKing exists in fel only and hardly anyone there most people are in tram/malas (besides siege and Mugen which are on a different ruleset and you can PK anywhere) If your referring to arenas like in WOW no there are none of those. You can join factions and fight with other factions but not much of that going on that i see. You do not have to role play i dont Server resets happen every once in awhile as far as set backs servers do go down from maintenance daily though It is not a free game it costs monthly to play The population is quite small c
  2. Very very low pop on LA. About everyone is on Atl but still decent pop on other servers as well. LA is on the very low side of pop at any given time though. Hope ya link up with some good people though. Im sure there are some there. If its like all other servers try Luna bank or just general chat is a good start.
  3. I am working a char on seige and am aiming for this. Animal Taming 115 Animal Lore 115 Vet 100 Magery 90-100 with spellbook Cartography 100 Mining 100 Lockpicking 100 Can this solo maps? I solo maps pretty easily on LS with mystic but wanting something different. As you can only have one char and i have 0 soulstones is this viable?
  4. I seen with recent patches there are stamina loss reductions with higher armor like plate. What is a good budget build for a suit. I havent played in awhile and have read about reforging and things but dont quite really grasp it. I feel like you need to be a mathmatician to build a suit and well that doesnt sound very fun which is why i play the game. Does anyone have a cheap suit build with very minor use of arties? I have fey leggings and RBC not sure if those are still worth using though. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I play on classic client and just downloaded the new version. It now doesnt track my player at all. Anyone else having this problem or know a fix? Enhanced client is not checked and thats the only fix I seen on the site for mapper. Any help is appreciated.
  6. I wont be back on until 5pm tomorrow if you have any on your vendor please message me on here and ill buy as soon as I can or if you want to meet in person message me on here and ill get ahold of you when I get on. Thank you in advance if anyone can help me out with these.
  7. Im having the same problem with a swamp dragon if ya figure something out besides getting a new one let me know please
  8. Building a sampire or attempting to and want to do Doom mostly so resist seems to be a needed option. My question is...is 100 resist enough or do I need 120? Im going for Fencing 120 Resist ? Bushido 120 Parry 120 Tactics 90 Necro 99 Chiv 70 Leaves me with 101 skill points left but if i need 120 resist i can drop something down probably parry if need be. Id rather not but if its vital im on it. Thanks for any info
  9. Are any skills untrainable inside your house? I remember (i think) that at one point in time you couldnt train in your house anti macro code i think? Skills like magery and fighting skills in particular are what im wanting to know. Im writing a paper and wouldnt mind also gaining some skills. Yes im at my computer desk so not asking about unattended macroing not worth it IMO id be pretty mad if i lost my account . If its not possible ill just do what i usually do and train as i play.
  10. Dont know if this helps but bought one for 4 million on Lake Superior a few weeks ago. Dont know if i got a good deal or not though.
  11. Got it fixed something on their end had to call them to get it fixed. And come to find out a few of my accounts our being played right now lmao and because of the merger they dont have my info on file so I can not claim those accounts..awesome right? :-P Owell got one up and going not the one I wanted thats for sure but better than nothing. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out.
  12. ok one last question sorry for the bother. It says link successful but doesnt show up on my drop down and acts as if its not linked if i click another tab. Is there a delay in this process or should i call them back?
  13. Here is a link if anyone else is having problems I've logged into the Account Management Page, now what do I do? | Mythic Entertainment | Ultima Online
  14. I think i get it just go to link account type account_uo and pw? now gotta remember this info and see if im right.
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