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  1. It is very sad news, Tm is a great guy who I have shared a few conversations with and he loves what he does not to mention does it well! Mythic is shooting themselves in the foot here for sure!
  2. This interview is one of the ones I was really looking forward to getting out! It meant a lot to me as the role he does is something I would love to do professionally (and lately have had the pleasure of getting a glimpse of what it is like). Tim probably has one of the hardest jobs at Mythic by having to deal with several communities all at once. I am sure the UO community would keep him busy enough without the others! So it was great that he was able to take time out of his day to answer my burning questions! So from the UO Forums staff I want to say a HUGE thank you to Tim for doing this!
  3. Here is the next instalment of UO Dev interviews, This time it is with the newest member Onifrk who joined the team last year as Lead Artist. He gave us an introduction on UO.com which you can find here. Once again I would like to thank Onifrk for taking the time out his busy schedule to answer our questions which help us get to know the people behind our beloved game! Q: Since your Introduction on July 30th 2012 we haven't heard much from you, How have you settled in to the team? Are they treating you well? A: I have been rather quiet and for that I apologize, there is simply a great deal
  4. Hey everyone! 8 Days left for this Kickstarter project! Check it out!
  5. I wish I had enough just to be a founder! Put in for alpha and Beta though!
  6. Well I have had this interview for a while now but due to issues with the forums etc I wanted to keep it until things were a bit more stable! I had the chance to send some questions to Misk who leads up the QA section of Ultima Online a very important department when it comes to all piece of content! So I would like to say a BIG thank you to Misk for answering my questions and to Mesanna for making it possible! I hope everyone enjoys! Q: Where did the name Misk come from? A: The name is a combination of Michael and Risk. I was originally dubbed Misk by a roommate in San Diego due to m
  7. There is a new Kickstarter project on the go at the moment for an awesome Unity Engine is called Build a Game Universe and Tile Builder! They give you the ability to build a game from the first tile up and then play it, share it and even sell it! Check out their kickstarter it looks awesome! Build a Game by Walker Warden Walker ? Kickstarter
  8. I think good in theory.. However It may mean we either loose those messages form this forum or that other one is never used...
  9. I think the others are free.. that is why they are not on there...
  10. Yea I know.. Thought Ultima series made most sense here though
  11. Get the full Ultima Series from @GOG with 75% off!! Save 27$ for the next 20 hours! Ultima Series sale @ GoG.com Great chance to play the games that started it all! also available on the Mac!!
  12. It also has Charlie Hunnam who is the star along side Ron in Sons of Anarchy
  13. Open beta for Wizardry online starts Thursday 9am PST... Check our my the second part of my review with some more game footage here
  14. Hehe, I believe they use a range of means to communicate.. any company that doesn't use such means these day though is seen to be behind in the times especially in the gaming industry.. it is a massive pool of free advertising.
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