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  2. I think Luna is a love/hate relationship! I mean we all love finding the items we want, but how fair is it that only a few lucky people who got to place houses in Luna have the best opportunities to sell their wares? I think they need to create a global search/auction house and either get rid of vendors or let us go to this auction house/search and just buy the item and it will take it from anywhere the vendor item is and place it in our pack and remove the gold from our bank. Every player should have the same opportunity and ease to sell wares as the people who live in Luna.
  3. Well, first of all I know some servers have a VERY low population. I do not think that merging server's is the answer since so many people would lose their houses. I know I would not be happy to lose the Castle I just "placed" on the very empty community on Origin. I think people need a reason to play on low population servers! You need to offer them special things they can only get on those servers and they can't get on a higher population server such as Atlantic. Maybe faster skill gains or more gold drops from monsters or more fame/karma per kill or something that is not game break
  4. Why won't anyone sell me a Keep 1 million finder's fee if you find me a keep for sale and I buy it!
  5. Ah, you believe? But you are not 100% sure? Maybe it is because my music is only 85, I will try to get it to 100 then try more. I was not really doing it that long I suppose, but I figured I would at least gain .1 lol. OK I will keep trying! I hope you are right though!
  6. I am just wondering if they changed peacemaking since I have been back? Can you still gain by being in your house targeting yourself? Or do you now have to actually target monsters to gain? Thanks for any info!
  7. I had my WoW accounts hacked also. I heard that many people who went to playerauctions.com got a trojan or something from that site. I know I posted my account on that and then soon after I was hacked. I will never go to that site again and I also bought one of those authenticators even though I dont play anymore. I figure I might play again eventually, so why not just keep it safe. I did get all my stuff back though.
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