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  1. Have played it a bit, it has some interesting qualities but I haven't really managed to get into it very much yet.
  2. Renegade/paragon has no bearing on who lives and dies during the suicide mission. It all comes down to if the characters are loyal and what combination of people you choose for the different tasks. Choose the wrong people for the task and people die etc. Renegade/paragon is just a matter of choĆ­ce when it comes to playstyle and the choices in the game. ME 1 was more like an rpg with shooter elements whilst ME 2 is more like a shooter with rpg elements. ME 1 was a lot more epic and movielike whilst ME 2 was good but was too polished in many ways. I'm hoping ME 3 becomes something in the m
  3. *nods* You're right, I didnt mean to put the acting of Mark Vanderloo down nor ManShep. Everyone plays the game differently. My opinion is still that I prefer Femshep due to the acting and the character. Mass Effect is unique in the way that there are so many choices and so many opportunities even as a single player game. I must admit however that I preferred Mass Effect 1 to Mass Effect 2. I usually play paragon as well and interplanetary diplomat *laughs* Though some renegade options are nice.
  4. It's called crappy marketing by BW. You could choose female shepard in the first ME but you had to go to the custom choices and in there you could choose female shepard. It was never marketed as an option. I still cringe at the male shepard who has never been Canon for me. The Female shepard with the great voice acting of Jennifer Hale has always been Shepard. It's also very good to be able to play a heroine that's strong and confident.
  5. I'm eagerly expecting ME 3, My femshep is ready to save the galaxy once more
  6. Huw tu... - Da Dub lessun Orcs present: Oglok, Vragdush, Ziglah, Gru'la, Gluglug, Snuguk Diz muun me blah abowd manee fingiez. Da big fingie wuz abowd wad urk ib abowd agh wad da differunz bedween urkz agh uumiez ib. Da big responsibiletee dat da urkz hab sinze dem ib perfukt beunz mayd by Bluudgod agh tu shuw dem uumiez huw da wurld ib suppuzud tu be. Anudder importunt lezzun ib whei dem uumiez trei tu clomp da urkz, dem ib jeluz as dem nub as strung, as clebur ur as bubhosh az urkz. Wun importunt kweshun kum ub abowd da gud da uumiez fulluw. Ib dere wun uumie gud? Da answur ib simpul -
  7. Joined Date: Current Rank: Lil'wun Total Tribe Respect Earned: 2 Available Tribe Respect: 2 Tribe Achivements: Da trib tu Shaym +2 Tribe Respect Tribe Respect Spent: None Yet
  8. Orcs present: Vragdush, Ziglah, Omugug, Snuguk, Zar'fu Da trib tu shaym Aftur me faddur huld imz lessun im kum blah tu me tu juin da oddur urkz fer trib tu Shaym wid Vragdush da grunt. Me nub realee liykee surprizus bud me du as me tuld as me oddurwize probablee nub ged anee fuud frum Oglok. Aneewey, Vragdush maykee shure dat we hab assignud clomp mayt agh enuff supplyez tu mayk id lazt in Shaym. Uz run qwiklee tu Shaym agh clomp owr wey truu manee mud fingiez until we gu duwn in Shaym. Aftur dat we meet manee strenj thingiez, air fingiez dat maykee mojo, big snakeez in da wadur, gw
  9. Orcs present: Oglok, Vragdush, Ziglah, Omugug, Snuguk, Zar'fu Diz muun me huld da furzt ob da lessuns fer da nuw urkz. Id ment tu be bubhosh gruk abowd bluudgod agh wud urk ib abowd, bud alsu dere gruk abowd clomp. Me blah abowd wud da bluudgod maykee urkz fer agh whei uumiez agh elbies ib nubhosh wen id kumz tu urkz. Urkz mayd by bluudgod tu be perfukt agh dat ib wud we ib. Dere wuz alsu mutj gruk abowd huw urkz be mayd frum strengf ob Growlie agh tuffnuz ob rok. Me gruk dat da sebured 'ead urkz ib tribe ob uld tradishunz agh su me blah abowd da feezt callud Throkash witj muzd be sta
  10. Har har! Dat bubhosh, uz spreddin owt obur da landz! Dat ib mebee guud playze fer praktiz klomp! Bubhosh wurk Zur! Bud lat still smellie twangur!!! har har
  11. Diz muun me luuk fer fuud arownd da furt wen me findee diz strenj thingie of papur wid strenj blah on id. Me nub gruk eberyfink id blah, bud mebee sumfink abowd owtpost? Eedur wey me mayk skribbul of id su lats ull see wut id blah. Mebee id sumfink importunt.
  12. dipped in pie (Pardon the american pie pun)
  13. Crossroads, they always signified big changes. Ephiny had come upon many in her days, both during the old days of Tal kyrte as well as during the new days. They meant growth and choices. Over her travels these last few months she had learned much about the state of the lands and the state of Tal kyrte. There was no longer a place for Tal kyrte as a nation, but rather it was a place for Tal kyrte as an idea, a belief, a way of life. Whilst Ephiny had failed in bringing Tal kyrte back as a nation, she would go on with teaching the ways of Tal kyrte to Sosaria as a single person. The hatred w
  14. Now that's classic! Love it! Even the torso of Ogodei *laughs*
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