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  1. Those templates of old are gone. The patch that made you have tactics to use weapon specs killed most of them... its just not coming back
  2. I think the major issue alot of people have with it (myself included), is how they are the "official" UO forum. This leaves EA having no control over who post ideas. We all know Stratics has been very heavy handed in moderating viewpoints... not they are basically charging people to post.
  3. And that would be fine if its what was promised. When they first announced high seas they said we could expect at least 1 "booster" a year. I think there has been 3 boosters and the only one that added new content was high seas. The other just added some deco/storage type stuff, nothing useful.
  4. Sad, its been 5 1/2 years since we got meaningful new content. One day I'll pull the plug on my last account.
  5. The above template can take down Lady Mel before 1 arcane empowerment runs out... 1 account. 1 greater drag
  6. but if you are willing to dump massive items in this then 110 tamer 110 lore 120 weaving 110 mystic 120 focus 110 magery 110 eval 40 necro as much SS as possible wear crystalline ring, midnight bracers, and a 45+ skill ring thats what 100+ skillpoints added. All items have cap SDI. you can get 95+ SDI before spellbook (use slayers). Wraith form with cleansing winds and gift of renewal will keep your dragon alive but like i said, massive item investment
  7. With a good suit (max SDI) for this template and a spellweaving focus, along with gheals you can keep your greater alive and dish out massive damage. Wraith form leaches mana so keeps you full. Your talking 500+ damage flamestrikes when properly setup. I personally have focus and mystic on mine, but that require massive investments in items to work right.
  8. Drop med (and IMO vet), pick up 40 necro and 80 SS in place of med (wraith form, evil omen) and spellweaving for vet
  9. make a macro... invoke virtue>honor
  10. drop anat to 90. also drop healing to 0. pick up 99 necro.... swap out anat for resisting spells depending on what your fighting when you get the 20 bushido PS, drop parry down to 60
  11. she most likely uses a mage weapon. -20 mage wep with +20 magery on jewels offsets it to where you essentially have 120 weapon skill. This setup is open to disarm
  12. most mages dont have wrestling, if its a super tight skill template, 100 anat+120 eval is equal to 120 wrestling, so you save 20 skill points. when this formula was first introduced many years ago, many mages had healing, however the 7X gm gave way to 5X legendary, and this formula let people keep their heal mages. now days this formula is mostly used in niche templates.
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