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  1. I know how you can reach me:). Did you mean the one in Tram or Fel? Oh wait, I own both of them. Also the one on the east side of the Atl tram temple. OK, so I have a thing for Daemons. I haven't been on much lately but I'll check back here soon or you can Q me 616246812. I've tried to make the temple entrance house kind of a public utility place with useful stuff for people, while keeping it looking mostly like a mini version of the temple in appearance.
  2. Since I use shard shields, I can only xfer once per day, but I'm still having fun making use of the shields. I'm going from Sonoma to Baja Tues Jan 15 (sometime between 8 -11am est). Then from Baja back to Atl Wed afternoon between 4 - 6pm est . Next weeks trips will be: Atl to Pac, Pac to Ches, Ches back to Atl. I have not scheduled times for these yet, but most of my times will usually be M-F 8 -11am est, and Wed afternoon between 4 - 6pm. If you would like me to carry anything for you, please Q me. Glad to carry stuff for tips as long as I have the item capacity if it's helpful.
  3. I reforge a lot using the powerful option. It has the advantage of making items with the most powerful mods, and still be a permanent POF'able item. I know it doesn't matter to most people, but I really like knowing that when I finally make that perfect piece, It will not just be great until it wears out, it will last forever. The disadvantage is that you only get 3 items out of a barbed kit or a val hammer. Using that many charges, I think we should at least get to be a little more specific about the mods. I was testing a mod combo yesterday, and out of 60 attempts I got just 1 SC no ne
  4. Thanks for all the input, I'm looking through a shameful number of containers finding some of your suggestions to test.
  5. You'll think I'm crazy, but I'm dropping a max storage house for a little 8X8:O. I could not resist the location. It is in a great spot for a little Island Lighthouse. I hope I can figure out a way to make it look acceptably like a Lighthouse, and I'd appreciate some suggestions on what would make the best light for the top, and I'm looking forward to testing some ideas. Thanks
  6. No Neighbors on Screen, almost no spawn (occasional headless etc) Location 4477, 3323 or 149 19'S x 138 14'W That's on the northern part of Fire Isle. Accepting any decent offer of Gold, Tokens, or whatever.
  7. I'll pay very well for a chest recovered from the daemon Aamon. I'll go to any non-asian shard to pick it up. I will pay 10Mil gold or if you need something else let me know. I'm on atlantic, but I can shard shield to any non-asian shard and will carry anything you want with me to your shard. Now go glance at all your paragon daemon chests, and see if any of them say Aamon.=) Thx
  8. For the many people who would like increased storage, I'll bet a one tile vet reward storage container would be very popular. Just a box or chest or something like that. I'm guessing it would be popular, because of how much I would like it, and because of how many people I've heard (or rather seen), talking about how much they need more storage. Do you folks agree?
  9. Thanks for listing them. You still forgot one..... Plain old regular dye tub. Now I'm off to go find your metal leather one and test colors. Thanks.
  10. Silly me.... I forgot to say that The Daemon Temple Entrance House is on Atlantic
  11. Thank you for letting me know where to check out the new tubs, (isn't that like 12 or 13 different kinds now?). Who knows how long it will take me to find someone to bribe into "blowing a vet pick" for me, and who knows what I'll have to part with to get it. I'll be stopping by to test it soon for sure.
  12. I really wanted to know more about it, so now that I know, here is some more information for anyone else who cares. It's quite a real estate hog at a massive 12 tiles (4 wide x 3 deep), it must be one of the largest add ons. Additionally, if placed indoors, beneath a floor, a large portion of the very tall roof protrudes through the floor above. The size could be considered con if you have limited space, and wanted it mostly for the additional storage space, but it's a good thing if you want a large and functional decoration for a good sized roof or garden area. I think the 250 item stor
  13. Also, That was my first time posting an Image on a forum. I may be more computer literate than a lot of people my age, but perhaps not as skilled as those 1/4 my age. I just guessed the insert image button was the preferred method (since there is a button for it).
  14. Thx for the idea to add an image. I'm not very experienced at forum usage, so I didn't think of that. At first I thought it was just a really well designed house, but then I looked at the owners name. Atlantic Mage Tower Owner: Mesanna So now I'm Guessing it might be more special than I originally thought.
  15. I saw a house that had something generating what appeared to be continuously repeating flamestrike graphics. I didn't know if it was some type of tile or item. Does anyone know what it is? Thx
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