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  1. What is the current template?
  2. You want to try and cap them all out. 45 HCI 45 DCI 40 LMC (you can get this up to 55 depending on what material you make your suit from. 100 damage increase. Swing speed increase depends on what weapon(s) you are using and how much stamina you have.
  3. I'd drop the focus and go for anatomy. Also how are you healing yourself?
  4. "meh" that's my opinion of it. Give me Ultima VII anyday over this!
  5. I just have my old hotmail account forward emails to gmail.
  6. If you like larger population then go for Atlantic. There is also active PvP there.
  7. I've got a Legendary Scroll Of Blacksmithing kicking about if that's any use?
  8. Will you be using a crystalline ring? The skill mods would work perfectly with template and free you up another 40 skill points.
  9. I can't wait till the get the in game vendor search going within UO. Then hopefully issues like this will vanish forever. Sorry, I wasn't saying a I was agreeing with it, but it's not breaking any rules (picking up items from the floor). Did anyone ask them why they were doing it? It's a bit strange stealing runes for shops. Especially when runes are cheap to buy.
  10. Yeah as above. I'd rather use the Compassion's Eye if I wanted a +10 intel ring.
  11. How can it be "stealing" if they were items dropped on the floor? Sure, its a bit lame of someone to do this, but there not breaking any rules. Remember, UO is a sandbox game, meaning you can do pretty much anything you like. Maybe he/she is a roll play character and is just in character when taking the runes.
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