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  1. H'lo Callum - long time no speak, and sorry about the circumstances. It was a personal page, so only people added on there could post - if you want to, PM me something and I'll post it on your behalf and 'tag you in'. Can't believe it
  2. Muldran woke up, and lay still for a moment, trying to remember what happened. Groaning, he pushed himself into a sitting position, and looked around the dark underground laboratory. Looking to his hand, he saw that the shavings that he'd so carefully gathered had been removed. He slowly stood up, wincing, and whispered an enchantment to draw his robes around him. So, he'd missed out on collecting something that could help with dimensional travel. He'd have to find something - or somewhere else - that had the dimensional resonance he was looking for.
  3. Making his way through the abandoned lab, Muldran drew his green robe closer around him, shivering as the cold air blew through the place. He remembered coming here... was it a few years ago? He shook his head. Time didn't seem to be on his side here. Everything was either too slow, or jumping ahead too quick. He barely knew where he was from one moment to the next... Shaking his head to clear his runaway thoughts, he remembered back to the day when Jordan Jurrel had clashed with the Vesper forces over an invasion in their town. He'd barged into the Museum and opened a way to a secret
  4. Muldran raced from bookshelf to bookshelf, running his finger down the spines of the books before moving on to the next one. Mumbling to himself, quickly reading parts of the titles, he was getting very worried that the creatures outside would find him soon. Another scream from beyond the door, and a strange crunching noise interrupted him. Muldran shuddered and kept on looking for the book he needed. From upstairs, the sound of footsteps started to rattle - and then kept on going. Louder, louder, quicker and quicker... Looking nervously towards the stairs, Muldran watched as a pair of
  5. Nok, you've cursed it. Chrome did an update yesterday that has, unfortunately, caused a lot of sirens to go of on various sites I use (it claims there's malware, but there isn't!) So... looks like I'll be getting a chance to use the bar from later on
  6. Cheers Nok - and Tabbs, it's good to be back, and I'll see what I can do in order to stick around. The Court has moved on, but there's still a few of us looking in Nok - I'll keep an eye out for a bar when Chrome implodes; I actually like this new upstart tart of a browser - if I move back to FF, I'll pick up yer toolbar.
  7. Well done, oh Kitty-like-one! I shall go and use that later.
  8. Okay, so I've been away for an age. Are there any RSS features that can hook into a specific forum? So I can find out updates just to the Shadow Court's Court Forum http://www.uoforums.com/court-forums-f1105/ for instance?
  9. I've dug out some of the Court's stories from the past couple of years... All of the Court \ Stories and Quests Graham the Gray and the Dark Lord http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/recovered-rituals-and-wards-revisited-22837/ http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/the-awakening-23906/ http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/escape-of-the-dark-lord-35621/ Vygorn, Gorthyn and Daemor http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/recovered-daemor-and-dire-trouble-22867/ The Reliquary http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/quest-returning-the-stones-33535/ http://www.uoforums.com/f1105/story-raising-the-reliquary-34852/ The Black Boxes
  10. Muldran pulled his green robes around him and moved into another area of the shadows in the darkened alley by the Counsellor's Hall in Vesper. A strange screaming, roaring sound seemed to echo all around, and Mul pressed himself closer the the wall. Three of the staff from the Ironwood Inn ran screaming and yowling across the square towards the Tailor's shop. Their cries were barely human, and their faces were twisted in a rictus of hatred. Muldran watched in horror as a traveller galloping past on their white horse was intercepted by the three, dragged off his horse and literally rippe
  11. My email bleated to me about things going on in here; I'm rarely on ICQ 'cos the Digsby client misbehaves. Although the Court is inactive, I do log in every couple of weeks to stock a few more things in the Library. And I have kept an eye on the events, so I'll post when the next 'event phase' is announced and see if people are passing through - but the Courtiers are pretty much spread out through many other worlds at the moment, with only a brief stop in Britannia now and then!
  12. Muldran was sleeping. Well, not exactly. His sleep was disturbed, images flashing forward in front of his eyes. His brow wrinkled slightly - how could images pass in front of one's eyes, when they were closed? Then his brain reminded him he was sleeping, and that not everything made sense. She stood in front of him, and showed him the scales. "Balance is illusion..." The two gold bricks lay there in the scales, the larger brick obviously weighing down the lighter.... then she moved the arms of the scales, widening them and the heavier and lighter bricks balanced. "How do you know the
  13. Kendra's Demonic Hangover After a week of searching through scrolls, Muldran arranged to meet Kendra at the Trinsic Rose. Putting the finishing touches to the spell (with the disapproving glare of Hildy nearby) Muldran was suddenly aware that Vierna was sitting in the chair next to him. Sketching down a few more runes, Muldran tried to ignore her - a difficult thing at best - and waited for Kendra to arrive. When she did, Muldran attempted to use the spell to 'reflect what was in Kendra's heart' - and put her mind at rest about the fears she had about a 'demonic hangover'. But
  14. Gems and Jade While visiting Antar in Trinsic, Muldran was invited to speak to Jade who was in jail - she'd speak only to Irvyn about the gems. In the cells, Jade spoke with Muldran and Antar; she tried to impress upon them that the girl Miyuki had already been acting 'funny' before the gem had been handed to her - and that Jade was trying to help. Although this seemed to match what had been said to Cherry, Antar was still sceptical. Discussing the gems, Jade didn't let anything else slip - Muldran thought to ask Cherry if she'd managed to find information. But Jade once more alluded t
  15. Missing in Magincia Kendra was recovered from the moongate by Muldran and the Court - although Vierna interfered, it doesn't seem to have made things go awry. Muldran has asked Kaelyn to keep an eye on Kendra, just to make sure she isn't suffering any ill-effects from the blackrock exposure.
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