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  1. I've seen a few use it not to many yet need the word to be put out more, the vent can hold up to a 100 people so its plenty of room for anyone who wants to use it as a guild vent, or just a quick get togeather with friends playing games.
  2. Your welcome yeah i know the occasional !!! hole will arrive it happens... I rather it be out to most the good people in the public and then I'll make channels inside it to be private for them.
  3. If your playing Diablo 3 or UO I've made a public vent for people to group up in. Its open to anyone i'll even make your own private channels if wanted. Ventrillo Info: NY2.LeetVent.com Port: 3976 Password: diablo123
  4. Trading 1 Mill Siege for 5 Mill Any Other Server! Icq: 426394637
  5. Buyer Beware: this guy just scammed me for 120 mill. He was suppose to sell me a Dread mare and he hid a nightmare off screen. I should of known better but from his pasted sales i thought he was a decent guy. He Had It On pacific got it transfered to ATL and scammed me there.. His details Full Name Josh Brown Nickname Josh Icq: 476648209 Character was Kylie
  6. Please contact me. ICQ: 426394637 My friend was hacked same method only a few days before you. Same method characters deleted, houses taken etc.etc..
  7. Speed cu's are cus that can get below half health and they still keep moving just as fast... they dont slow down so even when the enemy is killing you dog the beast doesnt stop and walk away. Curse Tamed cus if over 150 stam their swing speed increase a tiny bit, you can also gets ones at 140ish and give them a tastey treat to be stronger.
  8. How much did the shield sell for I have one as well just curious what i can get for it
  9. Forget it... the info the guy gave me was fake.... and i found out the owner of teh info he did use... Scammer Icq: Name Is Mayy K, Icq: 282178769 The scammer is telling a person selling goods or gold that they want to buy it from you at whatever the price is... Find another random person and tells them they will sell you at the same price for such amount of gold you get..... The person buying the gold from the scammer sends it to another person who thinks there selling gold to this guy... and now you have two people disputing over each other that had two whole differnt ideas and trans
  10. Kryss [blesed] Hit Lower Defense 48% Hit Fireball 48% Hit Lower Attack 42% Hit chance Increase 14% Faster Casting 1 Damage Inc 40% Mods On The Warfork I Am Looking For Are... Hit Spell, Hld, HCI, DCI, DI + 1 more good mod, SSI, HLA, Etc Icq: 426394637
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