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  1. There be a good template discussion gettin' started here: http://www.uoforums.com/uo-high-seas-expansion/85303-show-us-your-pirate-template.html Please be gracious and share your "template" ideas, p'raps gear recommendations and other tips too!
  2. I'm just gettin' goin, but so far: Archery Tactics Bushido Healing Anatomy Alchemy Fishing May soulstone off Fishing and pick up Focus to regen mana faster for Bushido. Using Alchemists Bauble and Ecru Citrine for 80% Enhance Potions effect for Greater Explosion and Conflagration potions(Healing potions are giving me health up to the 40's, works great with a Balanced bow!).
  3. True, but the fact there are so many out on the oceans barely a day after they launched perhaps shows the need for more gold sinks, lol
  4. Aye lass, just some of the spoils from last week's cruise, and good pira, err, privateers always spread the wealth around! Speaking of, during last night's jaunt, we hap'd upon a fellow who'd done some unspeakable things to a poor boat o' gargies. We boarded to see what was the matter but he hardly gave us the time o' day! Bodies layin' all about and nary a hullo! from the fellow. While we did leave him to his spoils, I couldn't help but snatch a bottle for the long journey ahead. Now, while good peoples of the sea be leavin' each other to their normal business, tis but courtesies to offer a
  5. Dearest peoples and elvies of Gyldenfeld, The mayor Tancred stopped by me abode the other day to have a jawflap with me. It seems as though he's been gettin' letters and other papers with big, fanciful seals on them from some lass in the castle in Britain sayin' she don't exactly be approvin' of some of our seagoin' cargo rescue from merchants sailin' without trade licenses. I told him Britain is one of the saddest excuses for any port in the wholes of the seas. Too many rules and laws for goin' ashore and the taverns aren't as lively as those you'll find in Jhelom, Vesper or even Magincia b
  6. The High Seas booster came out last month. It's not a full-on expansion, and it only costs $15 as opposed to the normal $30, but does have like 50 new types of fish to catch, fishing quests, fishing powerscrolls, new ships, cannons, two new bosses, pirate hunting quests, new arties and all boats now move smoothly across the water. There are still a few bugs theyre working out, but that seems to be par for the course with UO expansions. For $15, it's not bad tho. As for rumors of UO shutting down, those rumors have been floating around for well over a decade. I just don't think it will happen
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